1. Patitoff Pet Hair Resistant High Waisted Crossover Plain 7/8 Leggings

Are you sick of your leggings getting lint and pet hair? HALARA brings you high-quality and versatile high-waisted crossover leggings that are pet hair resistant and super comfy. V-notched leggings have boomed again, and these lustrous black, soft, and light crossovers leggings are everything you want for your wardrobe. 

One annoying problem pet owners have to go through is getting pet hair all over their clothes. And if you are wearing black leggings while petting your fur baby, there is a high chance your leggings will start looking like a carpet. But these high-waisted plain crossover leggings by HALARA will help you protect your leggings against lint and per hair. The material is 100% lint resistant and will brush off any lint or fur with the slightest pet.

The nylon and elastane fabric provides firmness and softness to these stylish and comfortable crossover leggings. It is an everyday style that offers you a snug fit and is perfect for lounging around, running, or doing yoga. The 7/8 length gives this upscale design a very neat and classy look. The high waist, flexible color, and comfortable fit make this everyday piece far from flimsy. 

These crossover leggings only come in lustrous black color that will perfectly complement black and white tank tops, cross tees, or hoodies. Pair it with black or white sneakers, and your everyday look is ready! 

2. High Waisted Crossover Snakeskin Print 7/8 Leggings

If you are bored wearing your same old plain leggings, you should definitely try these snakeskins print high-waisted crossover leggings by HALARA. With their snug fit and beautiful design, these leggings will become your top favorite. 

These high-waisted 7/8 leggings hug you perfectly from your waist and thighs, extend below your knees, and fit just above your ankles. The fabric is super stretchy, breathable, and soft. 

Nylon and spandex make these crossover leggings very stretchy. They are ideal for wearing during workouts and yoga. No matter how much you stretch or move while wearing these leggings, the firmness of the fabric will protect it against wear and tear. The material is 100% breathable, ensuring your comfort during workouts and everyday errands. These leggings also wick sweat and moisture well. 

The casual V-notch of these crossover leggings and vibrant snakeskin print is an absolute treat for peeps who are both into fashion and fitness. The design is so versatile that you can wear it to the gym, studio, or your usual errands while looking super chic and stylish. 

These crossover leggings come in two very exotic colors: tea pink and maya blue. Although these leggings look stunning with plain tank tops and sports bars, pairing them with sports bars of the same design and print will make you look more chic and fashion-forward.

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Available in exquisite colors and extended sizing. With a skinny fit, a risqué design, and perfect fabric, these high-waisted crossover leggings give you an understated everyday vibe with a stylish touch. Infused remedies for everything

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