Here’s What the Best Online Coding for Kids Courses Offer

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Parents everywhere enroll their children in coding classes to prepare them for the tech-forward future, but they don’t necessarily know how to identify the best courses from the rest. Many parents don’t possess coding skills themselves, so it’s hard to recognize the leading programs even when they do find them.

If you’re wondering what skills and characteristics you need to find in an online coding program for your child, look no further.

Video Games Are Everything

Children need to learn, but they’re looking to have fun. That’s why the best programs use a child’s hunger and natural urge towards fun to their advantage by making the coding course revolve around developing a video game.

If you think kids like playing video games, they’ll love building them even more! Learning should be a downhill ride rather than an uphill struggle. If you’re wondering how online coding for kids works for children who are new to computers, don’t worry — they’ll be genuinely drawn to the classes.

The best online coding classes for kids use gamification in various ways, so not only are they creating a video game they can play and share with friends and family, but the features that make video games so absorbing are harnessed to increase student engagement.

Real Coding Languages Only

Some coding classes use introductory programs like Scratch to convey what coding is like. Even when helpful, they don’t give children direct transferrable skills. No coder ever uses Scratch at work.

Look for a program that teaches them the languages that coders and programmers use in the field, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

That way, your child has the tools necessary to work on apps, websites, and video games at a professional level, should they choose to do that one day.

Small Classes

There’s a reason that elite private schools offer small classrooms: students shouldn’t have to fight with each other for their teacher’s attention or struggle to concentrate on their work. That’s why the leading online programming courses for kids have a maximum of four students per session.

Don’t worry about issues like classroom management, just learn how coding works.

Young, Expert Teachers

Finally, teachers must be experts in their field with academic and professional coding experience, but it helps when they skew on the younger side. Children should learn from people who know first-hand what it’s like to grow up playing video games.

When students and teachers share the same raw passion, it will translate to genuinely fun and engaging classes. It’s hard for software engineers or coders who grew up at a time without home video games to relate on this level.

Parents are wise to prepare their children for whatever the future may hold, but they need to know how to identify the best computer programming courses today. Keep the above criteria in mind when picking your online coding class for kids, and your child will have fun now getting prepared for tomorrow.

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