Hindi Keyboard Makes Dating Apps Great Again

The road to impressing someone has a compulsory tollbooth. And that is taking the first step and speak with the other person. We won’t get into genders, whatever your liking is, the steps remain the same. Having the confidence, and creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to have a good conversation. So the question comes, do you need to be proficient in English to impress someone? Well, some people are attracted to people with good English speaking skills. But I can guarantee you that not everyone feels the same way. Most try to flirt over texting apps, and if that is what you’re thinking about too, then read ahead how you make the best impression over someone you like.

When we look at modern dating apps, you can check the other person out before sliding into their DMs. Once you want to go ahead, send a simple greeting. The nature of the reply could tell a lot if the other person is interested or not. What has truly changed in the last few years is the rejection of the woke culture. Realizing that not speaking in English is fine, what matters is being happy at the moment. And if you both are comfortable, in say Hindi, then there is no doubt it would be a fun conversation. There are many Hindi keyboard apps on android, but to truly bring the impressive feel to your messages, you need more than just another keyboard. You need the Bharat AI’s Hindi keyboard app.

Type Hindi Easily

You could probably write “Favourite movie konsi hai tumhari?” (Which is your favorite movie?), and continue the conversation with English letters. Or you can use the Hindi keyboard app to write in the Devanagari script and maintain the essence of the language. The Hindi Keyboard app lets you type English and Hindi with brilliant speed. The Hinglish keyboard is very accurate too, so whatever text you send will be flawless. If you are new to the Hinglish term, it means transliteration. The Hindi keyboard app is the best for Hinglish keyboard on android.

If you feel tired of typing, just click on the mic symbol to enable the speech to text feature. Now just speak the thoughts in your mind and the keyboard will convert your speech to text instantly.

Impress them with the right words

The success of you making an impression is finding the right things to say at the right time. For instance, if you think the other person is feeling low, you must say encouraging and motivating things. Something that after reading, they would feel good and bring a smile to their face. If they are sad, and you want to make them laugh, a nice innocent joke might do the needful.

But if your mind won’t run fast to compose sentences, the Hindi keyboard app has them ready for you. It has many English and Hindi quotes, jokes, and Shayaris to choose from. Find the best one for you and press once to send. No matter what their mood might be, these will surely lift their spirits high.

Remember what you say

If you’re using a dating app and someone might not be interested, you might try to find someone else who would be interested in a coffee. You can start a whole new conversation, unlike any other, you have had previously. Or, you can try the same that worked for you previously.

Instead of going over old chats and copying them, the Hindi keyboard app lets you store frequently used phrases or sentences for easy access.  You can use this keyboard shortcut and send them without having to type it all again.

Why just Text? Be creative

The world has come a long way in terms of communication. Social media giants introduced Avatars to increase the personalized experience of users. These avatars can be made from third-party apps too, but you won’t be needing any of them. The Hindi keyboard app lets you create avatars instantly and use them in hundreds of ready-made stickers.

These ready-made stickers are on Hindi movie dialogues, songs, greetings, and slang. You can create these avatars and be the reason for people’s smiles. There is also a pop-text feature on the keyboard, that converts up to 25 characters to sticker. This is an exclusive feature that will amaze anyone who looks at it the first time. The Bigmojis is a bigger and crazy-looking sticker-making feature. These are bigger emojis and can be made by keeping hold of the emojis for a few seconds. Some of the Bigmojis are animated making them very attractive.


One thing I would like to mention is that there is increasing acceptance of regional language and rejection of toxic western ideology. Just be yourself, have fun with the ones who like you for being yourself. If it works, you don’t want to be having a story like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. The Hindi keyboard app has definitely improved the messaging experience for couples, and those looking to be one on dating apps. And I hope that they find a dynamic partner like the Hindi typing keyboard is.

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