Home Decoration- Tips to Define your Decorative Style

Each home reflects the peculiarities of a totally personal space. One of the main difficulties that can arise when setting the scene for our rooms is indecision about which products or items we can select when there are numerous possibilities for home decoration.

In this sense, it is important to carefully analyze the particularities of your home. If you are in the process of defining your decorative style, you are in the right post. At Elephant Stock we give you the main guidelines to get the home of your dreams. Don’t wait any longer and take note!

Home decor has to get your attention

Decoration is a part of every home, office space, hotel, and even movie set. Therefore, it is a fundamental point to create the environment that we want so much.

Surely, there will be times when, on your own initiative, you plan your schedule to find out the trends for the new season. However, on other occasions everything will depend on your interest in a totally unexpected way. Therefore, it is recommended that you take note of all the elements minimalist artworks by Elephant Stock that catches your attention to keep them for reference.

What colors to choose in your decoration?

If you carefully review the aforementioned, you will surely find data that is frequently repeated, such as colors. You can also look at other details (mirrors, base units, furniture with straight lines …).

Returning to colors, remember that the power of the color gamut is very important. Depending on the alternative you choose, you will add a different touch to a room: spaciousness, sobriety, relaxation, naturalness … Be that as it may, add your tones not only to the walls, but also to the furniture and small decorative details.

Your lifestyle should be reflected in the decoration

Your home is one of the environments that will play an indispensable role for you in your daily routine. For example, if you are someone who loves to have visit and spend time in the living room with loved ones, you need completely different items from a homeowner who prefers the solitude of home. Acquire everything you need to facilitate your day to day with style and comfort.

A small gallery in the hall

Art is not limited to painting; humanity has developed its creativity so much that any piece created from an aesthetic idea can be art and, if this piece is to your liking, what better? The hall of the house is the ideal space to show the pieces of art that we like the most, as it is a place that is not used to be or to rest, to cook, sleep or play, just to be admired, in addition to being the first impression of our visits.

The small table to put the keys could be of original design, a classic cut painting, a large-format artistic photograph or an abstract painting on the credenza would look great. A delicate lamp that does not steal attention from the painting and perhaps a small sculptural or handicraft piece on the edge of the table. Remember that symmetry is an excellent starting point to start organizing your pieces, but asymmetry gives the space a certain air of mystery and beautiful imperfection.

Personal decoration, commitment to originality

It is important that, beyond the decorative trends of the moment, you use these aspects to create your own style. In this way, you will add originality and further enhance the beauty of your home. A style should not only like you, it should make you feel comfortable. In this way, you will add originality and further enhance the beauty of your home. A style should not only like you, it should make you feel comfortable. The farmhouse look is an excellent style in this aspect, mainly because it’s a warm and approachable layout. You can incorporate this in any area of your home, with elements such as the farmhouse kitchen sink, baskets, mason jars, and rugs. To learn more about this kind of decor, you can visit this site – https://www.annieandoak.com

Artistic illustrations in the dining room

Each space in our home should inspire us and make us feel good. In a minimalist white setting, a bold splash of color can balance sparkle and calm, as in this image. White walls, white floor and chairs, lamp of the same color. The only color accents are the rustic wood on the table and the beautiful coyote on the table.

If, on the contrary, your dining room has colored walls or furniture in a certain style, possibly a painting with soft tones is the one indicated, perhaps a monochrome landscape or a black and white photograph.

Look for the connection between the different elements

Your house will be made up of a wide variety of furniture, decorative details, textures, accessories … Therefore, it is convenient that all of them are in tune, that they are a whole. That is, it seeks harmony.

If you are thinking of making a change in the decoration of your home, start by visiting quality store catalogs, such as Elephant Stock artworks. On our website you will find a wide variety of proposals that will surely make you fall in love!

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