How can I pick a slot to play online? 

If you fancy some casino action and in particular some slot gaming, then online casinos have got everything you can wish for and more. Most online casinos these days tend to be more slot-focused and this is why there are vast numbers of these games to choose from – play Rainbow Riches.

The problem here is that the choice is so large, that you could find yourself lost amongst the slot lobbies. The best thing to do in this situation is to narrow down the list of games that potentially appeal to you.

How to Shrink Your Slot Gaming Options 

Picking a slot game by the banner alone is like judging a book by its cover or a movie by its poster. When it comes to slots you do need to delve deeper into the games before you pick the games that you want to play regularly. If you are not a casino regular and just want a little fun from time to time, then picking a slot because the name and banner appeal to you is not an issue. 

However, if you take your gaming seriously and are a regular visitor to online casinos, then you may want to be more selective about your game choices. The first thing to do is to pick a game that has a theme that interests you. It is easy to locate games with genres that you may like thanks to the way online casinos display their slot game lobbies. 

Demo Mode 

The next thing to do is to play the game in demo mode, this gives you imaginary cash some to use on the game of your choice and this lets you practise playing the slot and familiarising yourself with the mechanics of the game and the features each game contains. This could be random features in the base game, or the actual bonus rounds themselves. You can also learn which symbols are the most valuable and what ones trigger the actual bonus rounds.

What to Look for Next 

Once you have discovered slot games that interest you because of their themes and other elements and you have played the games in demo mode, then the next step is to narrow down the choice further still. Before you do this, you have to be aware that all slot games and the results they create are random. This is because your fate is in the hands of a Random Number Generator and if you win lose or draw, it’s because of this tiny computer microchip. 

RTP Score 

Despite this, you can increase your chances of winning or at least breaking even if you take note of the RTP score of each slot game. The general rule here is that games with high RTP scores are far more punter-friendly than those with low scores. Games with RTP scores of 96% or above are the best to play, any games with a score of 93% or below should not be on your list. 

By being aware of RTP scores, you can drastically narrow down and make the correct game choice that not only entertains you but also gives you a fair shot at making a profit from your hobby.

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