How CPQ Software Improves B2B Relations

No matter the kind of business relationship, customers love maximum attention. Customer satisfaction is vital both in a Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) relationship. Your sales team needs to be equipped to satisfy and retain customers in this competitive era where customers now have many choices.

Time is of utmost essence when it comes to meeting the demands of the modern buyer. So acquiring CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) tools for your sales team would go a very long way in improving customer experience. If you’re wondering how if the CPQ software will help your business operations, stay with us. We’ll show you ways in which the CPQ can improve B2B relations.

1. Improves the sales process.

Your sales team is the face of your business. This is why giving them the right tools is a great way to improve sales productivity. As the face of your business, sales reps need to be calm when dealing with customers. This can only be possible when the proper setup and tools are in place.

CPQ can be very helpful in this respect. With CPQ software, you can prepare quotes on time. Your team will then have more time to seek out prospective customers and close more deals. Since the business-to-business relationship exists more in the supply chain involving wholesalers and retailers, it often deals with complex products.

The CPQ software helps to simplify the sales cycle by automatically processing all data necessary including discounts, and customer information, to produce accurate quotes for complex products at the customer’s request.

2. It offers versatility.

The CPQ software is versatile. What’s more, you can integrate it into other sales tools you currently use. CPQ works well with your already existing CRM and ERP systems. It makes the job a lot easier by getting all the necessary information and automatically creating the perfect quotes.

3. A business can make more profits.

It’s a known fact that more profits can be a push in the right direction for your sales team. In B2B relations, the use of CPQ reduces the time it takes for quotes to get approved. It also takes away the unpleasant manual labor as well as the operational costs involved in the sales process. All in all, it shortens the sales cycle. With CPQ software like Configure One or Salesforce CPQ, you’re sure that product pricing is on point with profit in mind. Since sales processes can be accessed from any device, sales reps can work remotely, closing deals on time, making room for more deals.

4. It offers better accuracy.

When salespeople get overburdened with manually computing information and generating quotes, mistakes are almost inevitable. Such mistakes include little errors in spelling or writing the wrong dates. Bigger errors (of either overpricing or underpricing a product) can discourage a potential client. This leads to a bad reputation for the business or mistrust on the side of the customer.

You can eliminate all these mistakes with the use of CPQ. The CPQ software is self-operating, generating real-time quotes that are 100% accurate. So the business and customer have a mutually beneficial relationship

5. It helps improve customer experience.

Customers don’t hesitate to switch to vendors that give them value for money. Making your sales process easy tells the customer that you value them and your business is professional. With CPQ software, sales reps can customize quotes to suit the customer’s needs. This, in turn, makes the customer have confidence and trust in your ability as a business to deliver. Having highlighted some of the amazing benefits of the CPQ software in B2B relations, it’s important to conclude that the CPQ software gives you control and creates a less chaotic environment.

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