How Do You Use Massage Gun Attachments?

With no more than a single button, a massage gun can get your self-therapy up and running. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. So much can already change just by leaning into it more. And with all its different attachment heads, the possibilities become manifold.

You can unlock these possibilities by learning how to make the best use of your massage gun’s attachments.

Getting started

If you’re new to massage guns, there might be information gaps that even the manual could miss. But once you get acquainted with it, everything else will be intuitive.

What’s inside your kit?

As you unzip the bag open, you might be welcomed by more items than you expected. With your massage gun comes the charger, your user’s manual, several different attachments, and some extra rubber washers. And it’s easy to pick the attachments out from the bunch.

They’re certainly different on one end, but exactly the same on the other: a shaft lined with replaceable rubber washers. This would be important to remember later on.

Installing and removing properly

Each attachment’s shaft fits into the muzzle of your massage gun. Before installing, make sure all rubber washers are intact. You should be able to secure it firmly, but comfortably. Once everything’s locked and loaded, you can turn on your device and massage away.

And when you’re done, turn off your device before removing the attachment. Due to its snug fit, it’s common to hear a pop upon coming off. So check on the rubber washers again before putting the attachment away.

What the attachments do

Each attachment is designed for specific body muscle groups and purposes. And it’s common to swap them out a few times in a single session.

Important note: none of these attachments are designed for bones, serious injuries, and other sensitive spots. So be sure to steer clear of these.

Flat head

The widest tip in your kit, the flat head isn’t for the small and delicate spots. You’d also want to keep this away from bony areas. That’s because it’s designed for the wider and flatter muscle groups like your pecs and back.

Its wider spread lets the percussion massager wake up your muscles and stimulate blood flow. This makes it effective for preventing fatigue-related soreness such as DOMS.


You ought to grow familiar with this if you work your whole body a lot. The ball attachment works on the larger muscle groups like your glutes, quads, calves, lats, traps.

Like the flat head, this is also a fairly wide tip. So keep it away from joints and bony areas as well. It’s also not designed to go deep. Instead, its soft tip works great in easing general soreness and promoting relaxation.


The fork attachment is a nifty one. Its dual point targeting offers decent coverage while avoiding bone at the same time. This makes it excellent for areas such as your forearms, calves, shoulders, and right outside your spine.

The harder and narrower ends also allow deeper penetration into areas of muscle tightness.


The bullet attachment is designed for tight spaces like your inner joints and feet. It has a knack for getting into the nooks and crannies that other attachments can’t focus on.

That said, it also works on tiny problem areas in bigger muscle groups – we’re talking about muscle knots. Its deeper and more targeted approach gets right in between those knots and breaks them up.


They usually come in flat and round tips. And these attachments can serve the same target areas as their plastic and foam counterparts. The main difference is that this material will present more resistance.

Are the regular flat head and ball attachments not going hard enough for you? That’s when you bust these out. Being smoother than plastic or foam also makes them the better option to glide over clothed areas.

Care and maintenance

There are a few small things you can do to keep your massage gun attachments in good condition. Leaving them unchecked might also risk damage to yourself or your device.


Wipe the ABS plastic and stainless steel parts with a damp cloth or antibacterial, and wipe them dry afterwards. The foam ball, on the other hand, would need a small spray of alcohol, followed by air drying.

Drying your attachment heads helps them stay free of bacteria or rust. For more information on how to keep your kit hygienic, here’s a quick guide.


Your massage gun’s carrying case is already the ideal container for your attachment heads. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight to avoid damage. And when traveling with your kit, make sure none of them are vulnerable to squeezing and impact.

It’s also important to inspect the attachment heads before or after use. Stop using any damaged ones so you can keep using your massage gun safely. Contact your massage gun’s customer service provider to discuss replacement options, if there’s any.

In conclusion

The massage gun is one the easiest devices to maintain and operate. And understanding its attachment heads is easier than you think.

Remembering their general purposes is easy: the wider the tip, the wider the surface it’s designed for. On top of that, they’re easy to clean like anything else.

Seeing all these attachments in your kit might be intimidating at first. But utilizing them wisely is how you turn your massage gun into an all-around lifestyle companion.

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