How IT Helps to Prevent Online Gambling Addiction

The soaring value of the eGaming industry, now valued at more than $60 billion, means millions of professional gamblers earn a living from it. However, not everyone who gambles online does it right. Some have become gambling addicts, compulsive behavior that has gradually become a psychological problem. Because addiction to online gambling often leads to catastrophic social and emotional problems, the best way out is to get help before it is late. This post will explore how IT can help you prevent online gambling addiction, so let’s start by exploring a few things. 

Preventing Gambling Addiction Should Be Better Than Cure

Before gambling degenerates into a problematic behavior, punters should do everything possible to avoid addiction. Like chain-smoking tobacco, gambling can be a dangerously addictive behavior. However, given that most gambling systems are based on chance, the first step to avoiding addiction is to recognize that fact. Gambling does not guarantee instant riches, but there is always a chance to earn millions with a little luck and a proven strategy. Most importantly, good gaming sites that regulate how much gamblers spend per day are a great way of avoiding addictive gambling. Online casino reviews by CasinoHEX should help you choose the best gaming site. 

Moreover, addiction to online gambling often gets hold of players who fail to budget. Without a gambling budget, there is a chance that one may end up spending their last coin on a slot machine. The best way to avoid being a spendthrift gambler is to plan. Most importantly, factor gambling into your entertaining budget to avoid compulsive spending. Moreover, know when quitting is necessary and try your luck next time, especially when every bet goes south. 

Using IT to Prevent Gambling Addiction 

Today’s gambling is mostly powered by information and technology. But can you use the same IT to curb gambling addiction? Studies show that IT can be used to prevent online gambling addiction in many different ways. Let’s review some examples. 

Using GameStop for Self-Exclusion on Gambling Sites

GameStop has become an instant IT tool among gambling addicts who want to exclude themselves from gaming sites. With the service, self-exclusion from gambling sites has become possible. When using GameStop to prevent addictive gambling, a gambler chooses a duration during which he or she wishes to avoid accessing any online casinos. Note that your information on GameStop must be up-to-date for it to work effectively. Your full names, mobile numbers, home address, date of birth, and email addresses registered on gambling platforms are needed to ban yourself from gambling sites connected to GameStop effectively.  

Online Social Support 

You can also prevent pathological gambling through online social support. While most gamblers use the internet to dig up information relating to the best casinos, you can equally use the web to overcome addiction problems. The internet is part of today’s world of information technology, and it has helped millions of people find solutions to compulsive behaviors such as drug abuse, problem gambling, and viewing illicit content. 

The best starting point for gambling addicts looking for social support online is to ask around about the best gambling addiction counseling online. However, a major downside with finding social support online is that it lacks emotional impact since most sessions take place via chat apps and telephone conversions. 

Find Help on Social Media 

Like you would choose the right web development company for your online business, social media platforms have been problem-solving platforms for millions of people. Unlike websites that run counseling services, social media platforms, especially Facebook, help create impactful communities of problem solvers. Note that Facebook is a major source of information that helps curb gambling addiction through social media communities. A quick Facebook search for overcoming gambling addiction should pull up hundreds of results, including social groups where addicts can find long-lasting solutions. 

Budgeting Software/Tools Help Prevent Gambling Addiction 

Budgeting is as necessary for gambling as it is to your monthly income. The catch is that gambling addiction becomes problematic if you don’t plan and budget for entertainment. Manually budgeting is not as effective as using a proven and tested planning tool. You can find an effective budgeting app on Google Playstore, Apple Store, or Microsoft’s Office 365. A notable advantage of budgeting tools is that they restrict you from spending beyond the allotted budget. With that in mind, you should gamble wisely using the money allocated to it, beyond which you must wait until the next budgeting phase. 

Self-Exclusion Program on Gambling Sites

Another way of preventing gambling addiction is using a self-exclusion program on gambling sites. While GameStop does this effectively, it only works with selected gaming sites that are connected to it. Thus, the blanket ban offered by GameStop may not be very effective because you can still find your way to non-GameStop platforms. The good news is that some gambling platforms have a self-exclusion program and addiction solution center where you can find help. Note that once you exclude yourself from the website, you can only sign in after the exclusion period expires. 


Gambling addiction is a problematic behavior that often leads to social ills. If you don’t end up stealing money to gamble, cheating your way to gaming sites becomes prevalent. It is especially a big problem in this age of information technology. However, you can use the same IT to overcome pathological gambling using various methods explored in this post.

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