How skills testing software helps digital recruiting

Skills testing is adopted by an increasing number of companies as part of their pre-employment assessment process. Hiring companies and recruitment agencies utilise skills testing software to test and filter candidates. This is done to ensure that only the best candidates are allowed into the next stage of the recruiting process.

And now that digital recruiting has become an integral component of modern hiring techniques, skills testing software is an important recruiting tool. In the past year, recruitment has had to evolve and adapt along with other industries.

Thus, remote recruiting became progressively normal and replaced on-location/face-to-face interviews. This led to the emergence of an expanding need for skills testing.

Online skills testing is easy and convenient. The assessments are quick to administer. Applicants can take their tests from anywhere they like. And the test results are available immediately. So, when recruiters integrate skills testing into their remote recruitment process, they can produce quality candidates for clients.

Skills tests help digital recruiting by –

1. Filtering applicants

This is one of the most significant advantages of using skills testing software. Recruiters can immediately filter applicants according to the test results. It narrows down the number of potential candidates. The ones who have done well on the tests can be added to the shortlist. Online skills testing speeds up the recruitment process while also providing tangible evidence of why shortlisted candidates deserve to be considered further.

2. Preventing skills exaggeration

There is a selection of skills tests offered by skills testing software solutions. These tests are available in varying difficulty levels ranging from Basic to Intermediate to Advanced. Now recruiters can use these assessments to ensure that their applicants have the skills and knowledge they claim to have. Exaggerating skills are not unheard of in recruitment. In fact, that is quite common. It is difficult for recruiters to examine every individual’s talent and aptitude manually. With a software system, they receive instant results which provide them with a clearer picture of every applicant’s capabilities.

3. Mass recruiting

When recruiters are appointed to fill positions en masse, skills testing is particularly useful. This helps them quickly sift through all the applicants. They are faced with tangible proof of the candidates’ capabilities which helps them make informed decisions. Recruiters need to have a plan set when they are working on bulk recruiting. And using online skills testing software should be a part of that strategy.

4. Saving time

It is easy to eliminate unqualified candidates after the assessment results are out. Recruiters can quickly move on to the next stage of recruiting. The test results display how an individual has fared in the assessment as well as their ranking next to the other candidates. This latter part is useful in exhibiting the individual’s particular strengths and potential when compared to the group.

5. Determining job fit

Good skills testing software systems will host a library of tests. Recruiters can choose to evaluate their applicants using any of the assessments. From technical to behavioural and communication skills, candidates can be tested on everything. Skills testing helps recruiters to understand their candidates better. Potential leadership skills, cultural fit, strong technical skills- these can be understood via the assessments.

6. Preventing bad hire

There is a lot at stake if recruiters make a bad hire. It will require another round of talent sourcing, filtering candidates, interviewing, and onboarding. Time and money will need to be invested again. It is more important to utilise skills testing so that companies can avoid bad hires or a mismatch. Appraising candidate skills and company cultural fit through a quick online skills test can prevent that situation 5 c’s of leadership.

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