How To Attract Millennials and Gen Z’ers Into Your Company

Gen Z and millennials are considered as entrepreneurial generations that are looking to own their businesses and they place a good deal of emphasis on learning a range of different skills. Therefore, the addition of this generation workforce is a valuable asset to any organization. It is estimated that 75% of the workforce by the year 2025 will be made from millennials. This together with Gen Z means your need for employees is going to change drastically and quickly. What these generations are looking for is quite different from the earlier generations. Let’s understand how they are different for attracting and retaining them. 

What is this workforce looking for in an organization?

In the new age of the workforce, different employees place value on things that are different as compared to their predecessors. What are they looking for? Here are the answers. 

1. A company culture that is in tune with their values: There is a workforce culture report published by LinkedIn in 2018 that says 86% of the millennials will even consider taking a pay cut to work in an organization that has values and missions that are in line with their own. 

2. An organization with a career development plan: Robert Walters gathered data that found out that 91% of the professionals from the millennial generation named career progression to be their top priority. 

3. Constant feedback: Another HR employee feedback survey by Clutch found out that more than 70% of the millennials that continuously received feedback from the managers found satisfaction at the workplace. 

4. Instantly accessible L&D programs: Almost 90% of the millennials rated their career or professional growth and other development opportunities to be significant to them in any career according to a Gallup survey in 2016. 

5. Flexible work opportunities: In another survey conducted in 2019 it was discovered that 75% of the millennial workforce considers working from home or working remotely to be a significant opportunity. You can outsource and use employer of record services for any job openings you might have.

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How to attract the millennial and Gen Z workforce?

1. Building a brand with the right company culture: It is already noted above that millennials and Gen Z workers value a company culture that is in line with their own. You need to use this fact to your advantage by developing a brand that cannot be ignored for attracting them to your organization. 

2. Social media presence: This new generation of workers is more social media savvy than ever. For attracting the top millennial and Gen Z talent, promote the brand by using a strong social media presence. Have a careers page with clear communication about the culture and values of your company. 

3. L&D opportunities: Learning and growing opportunities are extremely important to the millennial generation when they are applying for a job opportunity. If you are trying to woo this talent into your workforce, make sure that you have robust L&D programs in place and make prospective job seekers aware of the programs.

4. Diversity and Inclusion: The millennial generation workers are looking for diversity and inclusion and they are looking for employers that care about these things. Almost half the millennials are actively looking for these values from the programs added by the employers before finalizing the opportunity.

5. Mobile phone savvy: It is no secret that Gen Z and the millennial generation workforce is a generation of mobile phones. Therefore, ensure that your job description is viewable and concise on mobile devices and is easy to fill in. Another survey found out that decreasing the time required for filling a job application means you get more job applications especially from the job seekers that are phone savvy. Visit The Site: networldking52


When you are interviewing the younger generation of the workforce ensure that you are aware of things that are significant to them. Some of the things include an emphasis on growth opportunities and stress on the social impact of the organization. During the pre-screening interviews, you can invite prospective candidates to check out the Instagram account of your organization. Keep in mind that these are extremely adaptable generations so you can shake things up a bit and use newer interview techniques with them.

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