How To Become More Creative: Lessons For Marketing Professionals


Let us face it. Not all of us are born with a creative spark. That is the truth and should be acknowledged as such. However, that is not to say that this is the end of the world.

Far from it. It does not matter whether you have been gifted with creativity or not.

Many professionals, especially in the marketing and advertising industry constantly feel that if they were a tad bit more creative, they would have excelled so much more at their work.

Thankfully, you can train your brain to be creative. No, we are not lying, and yes, it can be done. The human brain is a powerful weapon that can be trained through habits, as far as being creative is concerned.

There is no doubt that you need to put in the effort and the hard work. In this article, we speak with Bennet Schwartz, a leading Creative Direction based out of Sydney. We ask him to help us compile a list of activities that can ensure that our creative juices start flowing.

If you are a CEO, Marketing Professional or PPC Guru, or even a Content Writer, this article, can help you unleash your creative powers.

5 Ways to Help you Become more Creative: By Bennet Schwartz

1. Mix-Up your Daily Routine and Engagements-

There is a reason why people that do creative work love to travel, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences. Everything adds to their knowledge, information and helps build creativity.

By simply mixing up your routine, you can encounter individuals, ideas, and habits that can help with problem-solving creatively.

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Try new foods, go to different restaurants, visit a new park for your morning job. Over a period, the sensory abilities of your body will start picking up small signs that your brain will absorb.

2. Make room in your life for Bad Ideas-

So many of us are too cautious when it comes to doing something risky. On most occasions, we are faced with two choices.

Going to the same restaurant where we know the food is good or trying out something new and exciting. If you want to land upon the right ideas, you need to explore them as well. You cannot achieve one without the other.

It is as simple as that. Talk to your seniors about doing something risky and out-of-the-box. Even if it fails, it will be a positive learning curve for you and your professional team.

3. Welcome Constructive Criticism and Feedback-

Yes, you might have worked your ass off on an idea the entire weekend and you do not want to get any negative criticism. This is a wrong approach.

Most of us are simply becoming too intolerant of the opinion of others. However, this is also limiting our learning. Make sure that you are strong enough to ask for feedback and implement it if you feel that it is constructive in nature.

Just because you worked on something the entire night, doesn’t mean it is excellent. Opening up by getting feedback will allow you to learn from diverse perspectives.

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4. Get Inspiration from Cross-Brand and Products, not in your Niche-

Starting off from a blank slate and building something viral might be difficult. What is not difficult is taking help from brands and businesses in some other niche and getting inspired from them.

A marketing campaign that worked great for a brand in a different niche might as well work for your business as well. This is something that almost all leading creative professionals do.

The key is to boost awareness and always stay informed about what is happening. Read up and do your research to know more about campaigns.

5. Give Yourself Time and Space to experience the process-

Deadlines, turnaround times, and pending assignments. How do you make the world slow down so that you can give time to creativity to gestate?

This is a tough ask given the demanding times we live in. This is why you need to consciously and intentionally slow down the time and give yourself the space to learn and improve. Observe things, experience them and write them down.

You need the patience to ensure creativity is settling in. Rushing experiences will never allow you to enjoy the lightbulb moments of your life.

The Final Word

Training the brain to become creative is difficult, but not impossible. By maintaining a habit, you will be able to stumble upon a side of you that you did not know had even existed up until now. If you have any more questions in this regard, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below. We will request Mr. Schwartz to answer as many of them as possible.

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