How to choose new online casinos? Here is the guideline!

Competition in the online casino industry is fiercer than ever before. This means that hundreds of new online casinos are entering the market every year to challenge the old and big players.  

New online casinos often take advantage of new innovations and trends in the gaming industry. These fresh features ensure that new online casinos also gain a foothold in a highly competitive market.

From the customer’s point of view, this competition between casino operators is only a good thing, as it means that the service and gaming experience provided by the operators will be further improved.

One good example of how new entrants have managed to improve the online casino market recently is the instant casino trend that started a couple of years ago.

All new online casinos

Want to change casinos, but not sure what you’re getting instead? What revolutionary new casinos have brought or will bring to the market in the near future? Why should I try a new online casino?

To answer these and many other questions about new online casinos, read our summary below, where we’ve put together all the essential information about new online casinos.

We understand that finding new casinos by yourself is not for everyone, also others also like to focus on the old and established players. If finding new online casinos isn’t your thing, you can find all the reviews of selected online casinos to help you make a decision on where to play here.

Why choose new online casinos?

As we mentioned above, new online casinos are known for their ability to bring new and better innovations to the market, as their resources are not limited to simply running the old existing system.

For this reason, new casinos are an important part of the customer experience, whether they play in them or not.

The old players are naturally doing their best to keep up with the competition, so they usually start offering new trendy features themselves, sometimes even months later than some new online casinos.

Many new players are also more sensitive to the essentials of providing the best possible gaming experience for their customers.

This includes building a fast and clear gaming environment, reward systems tailored to their customer base, as well as fast and straightforward customer service that provides efficient assistance whenever a problem arises.

In our experience, it is the different reward schemes that are currently the best asset for many new entrants.

One of the interesting trends at the moment is the various cashback schemes that many new online casinos in 2021 have already started to offer.

We find this makes playing much smoother and more enjoyable, as players don’t have to spend all their time wondering if they’re missing out on a potential bonus, and the system automatically adds the bonus to the player’s account.

Many sites often add cash back bonuses on a weekly basis, but it is many new operators that offer this form of reward in the form of daily or weekend-long boosts.

So if gaming is an important hobby for you, we recommend that you keep your eyes open for new players. This way you can make sure you always get the best possible gaming experience.

What are criterias for good new online casinos?

We are also passionate about gambling ourselves and use our years of experience to review new casinos and casino games. We go through the new casinos from start to finish. Our attention is largely focused on these aspects:

  • speed and efficiency of customer service
  • the range of games on offer
  • bonuses and promotions offered by the casino, welcome offer for new customers
  • a choice of different payment methods
  • and, of course, the general impression of the casino.

Customer service

We believe that customer service is one of the most important criteria when choosing a new gaming venue, so that’s why we pay attention to it right from the start when we review a new casino.

We’ll start with a cursory look at customer service, i.e. a review of the contact methods available. Most new online casinos in 2021 offer both live chat and email support.

We believe that these two methods of contact should be the minimum that every online casino should have.

For live chat, we check not only the opening hours, but also the languages in which the casino serves its customers via live chat.

The email service goes hand in hand with live chat, so the same legalities apply as for live chat. Therefore, the language options available in the email service are the same as in the live chat service. E-mails are also generally only answered during the opening hours of the live chat, as the opening hours correspond to the working hours of the customer service agents.

Live chat is obviously faster and easier, but it’s best to use email either when the chat lines are not open or, alternatively, when you don’t have time for a longer conversation at the moment. This will ensure that you don’t forget to report any problems you encounter, big or small, even during live chat hours.

This is a thing of the past for many incumbents, but today many new players are starting to offer it in order to improve the scope of their service and thus gain a competitive advantage over other operators.

Now that we have covered the above superficial aspects of customer service, let’s delve into its effectiveness and quality.

Speed and quality

We check the speed and quality of each method of contact offered, and report our detailed findings on our reviews page. This way, before you open an account, you know what to expect if you encounter problems in a new casino.

From these elements, we compile a single score, where one star is the worst score and five stars is naturally the best score.

If customer service and how well it works is the number one criterion for you when choosing a new venue, you should keep an eye on our scores.

Casino game selection

The next criterion we use is the range and breadth of games available. We will also include the different products offered by the gaming site in question. These include not only slots but also live casino, lotto, bingo, poker and betting.

Most players have certain favourite games that they like to play. So it’s always worth making sure you can find them in the game selection to make sure that the casino has all the most popular games from the major gaming houses.


Before reviewing the different products, we will focus on the essentials, namely slot games and their selection. 

Some casino players are happy to play only their favourite games, but a large number are also interested in trying out different slots and finding new favourites. 

Live cinema

Now that we’ve gone through the slots selection, it’s time for the live casino and its range of games. Live casino is more straightforward than slots, as you can often make a good live casino with just a few well-executed table games.

The main attractions of any live casino should be good roulette and blackjack tables. These are the games that players are most familiar with and most popular among players.

In addition, many players like to play baccarat, craps or dealer versus dealer poker tables. The latest craze in the live casino world at the moment are Game Show-style live casino games such as Lightning Roulette or Monopoly Live.


Many new online casinos offer their customers the opportunity to participate in a wide range of lotteries.

The biggest of these are Megaball, the national lottery in the US, which pays out hundreds of millions of euros, and the Spanish tabloid El Gordo, where the Christmas draw can win a staggering €1 billion or more every year.

While the lottery is often not the number one reason for players to play at an online casino, we think it also brings a lot of added value to the player.


Most operators also offer a range of bingo tables and bingo mini-games. In bingo, we believe it is important to offer a wide range of variations and different prices so that everyone interested in bingo can find something to play.

Although bingo games are not quite as popular as slot games, they are a good change of pace after a long slots break. For this reason, we also give new casinos points for their extensive bingo product.


Poker comes next in our ranking. We know that few slots players are interested in playing poker, but we give extra points for offering that option when we review casinos.

By poker, we mean the online version of poker against other players, not just the live casino game against the dealer.

When we review a poker product, we look at the different variations included, and also of course the number of tables of different sizes. We will also indicate how extensive the poker tournament selection is.


Last on our list is betting. We always check whether a new online casino offers betting at all and, if so, what the quality of the betting is. We always compare the odds to the market average and check the range of bets on offer over time.

Many new online casinos in 2021 have started to offer betting to their customers, as it is one of the most popular products among customers. The road is also going in the other direction, as many bookmakers have also started to invest in the casino and thus in offering the best possible gaming experience to their customers.

If both products are competitive, it will make it a little easier for customers who like both games to choose where to play.

Casino bonuses and promotions

Almost all casino players love bonuses and promotions. That’s why we also give them a high value when we review new online casinos.

We always check for any ongoing offers, which could be daily or weekly benefits, for example. For example, many new casinos offer their customers daily deposit promotions, which can be used to get free spins to play with every day.

We will also check the size and number of prizes in any promotions and tournaments. Some sites offer such large prize pools that they can really add a lot of value to your play.

Other new casinos also offer their customers a lot of no deposit benefits. This can mean free spins or even free play money. Of course, these are also our favourite offers, so we also give them a lot of weight in our reviews.

Payment methods

Payment methods are also a very important part of our assessment of new online casino entrants. We always check the range of payment methods available, as well as their minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals.

We believe that all online casinos should offer their players at least direct online banking, as well as the option to deposit using debit and credit cards.

Online banking payments should go through a secure and trusted payment provider. The best option at the moment is the market leader Trustly, which already provides payments to hundreds of online casinos and other industry players.

When it comes to card payments, the selection should of course include the familiar Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard, and preferably other options such as American Express or Diners Club. In some cases there are additional charges for card payments and we take this into account when making our review.

Other payment methods

Other payment methods worth mentioning include various online wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Euteller, as well as various payment services such as PayPal. Many online gamblers use online wallets because they make it easier to transfer money online. For this reason, we also take into account their inclusion in our payment processor lists.

In addition to these, some old and new casinos offer their customers PaysafeCard payment methods or the possibility to deposit cryptocurrencies, among others. However, these payment methods are still so limited that we will not penalise a casino for not offering them.

Casino bonuses: Welcome offer

When browsing new online casinos, the first thing that always catches a player’s eye is the welcome offer. This is only natural, as everyone wants to get the most for their money. Also when it comes to playing online.

There are certainly hundreds of different welcome offers, but most of them consist of deposit bonuses and free spins. Some new casinos also offer their customers play money with no deposit or no deposit bonuses.

When evaluating the welcome offer, we also pay attention to the other side of the advertised numbers, namely the possible wagering requirements of the bonus or games that do not wager the bonus at all.

We will also check if there is a maximum limit on the winnings from the bonus, which means the amount you can withdraw from your account. Often, offers that require a deposit do not include withdrawal limits, but in many cases, no deposit bonuses will include some form of withdrawal limit.

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