How to choose the perfect custom sticker

Of course there are different ways to have stickers made. You can always customize them according to your preferences and priorities. Many people like to get their logo printed on it other want to make their things aesthetic. So, their use vary from person to person and so is their type and quality. You can get to know about some of the types of custom stickers below which would help you design your custom one in future!

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Types of stickers

You can get small and large sizes in any desired shape and quantities. The stickers are realized with the latest techniques for the best quality. You can expect materials of durable quality that are UV resistant, weather resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use according to the type you have chosen.  

Small stickers

If you want to Order affordable stickers then small stickers are the perfect ones to go for! Small stickers can be used to deliver a message. You can easily get them in any desired size and in any shape. 

Big Sized stickers

Big Sized stickers can be used for outdoor purposes. They are suitable for long-term use and are reasonably priced at many sticker shops. You can get them in many big sized being offered there. 

Stickers and labels on a roll

Stickers on a roll are self-adhesive labels on a roll with an adhesive layer on one side. The handy stickers are used for promotion, savings stamps, price stickers, logo stickers, etc. The rolls of stickers are convenient to use and easy to store. The labels are produced with foil stamping or full color.

With foil stamping stickers, a cliche is made for each color. A cliche is a kind of die-cut form for one color that has to be printed on the label. The foil color is then pressed onto the material by means of the cliche under pressure. Foil printing offers the advantage that you can use fluorine and metallic colors. 

Round sticker

Round stickers have a striking shape and are used for promotional purposes. Small sizes are used for savings systems in cash registers of shops and petrol stations, large shapes are used to convey a message in the form of advertising. Production is simple and can be delivered in small and large quantities. 

High quality sticker

Oval stickers are of high quality and can be produced in all sizes with razor-sharp colors. The solvent inks retain the color fastness when used outdoors for three years. The most common sticker is the vinyl sticker size, there is an endless choice of materials. Every production results in a perfectly cut sticker for every application. Both business and private customers request this special form. The shape is ideal for logos or conveying a message. 

Perfectly finished sticker

You can choose to laminate the stickers. Oval stickers have a longer life with a protective coating. Coating a sticker is also called laminating. A transparent foil is glued over the printed matter, which gives the sticker an extra skin. This protective layer prevents scratches, is moisture resistant and protected against external influences. The laminate makes the sticker slightly thicker, which makes it easier to glue.

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