How To Create A Personal Branding Video That Sells You?

According to statistics, in 2020 alone, 213.65 million companies have been established worldwide. As an entrepreneur, one should try their best not to let their brand blend in with the rest. However, to achieve this, the brand would have to be unique.

A method many companies adopt is to be ‘personal.’ This strategy permits and encourages you to have a floor to speak about you and your values. Often these businesses use a marketing technique called ‘Personal Branding.’ Despite its popularity, many fail to execute them properly. Through this blog, we will guide you through creating your brand.

How to do Personal Branding?

Whether through videos, images, blogs, or audio, brand owners and content creators want to be recognized. They want to showcase themselves, their traits, skills, and morals while making a change in the world. Ironically, most of us try to keep our professional and personal lives separate and use a very impersonal tone. Before we get into that, let us share the type of content you should use and why:


The objective of personal branding is to share your personal experiences (to some extent) with the world. Keeping the two separate, you are immediately disabling your business from becoming personal. You must let yourself be intimate and vulnerable with the audience.

Most people find it challenging to come up with a ‘story.’ They visualize stories of people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and other well-established persons. What many fail to realize is everyone has a story to tell. They may be different from their imagination, making it difficult to recognize the story.

Do not force the story; start by sharing simple struggles. Once you gain momentum, you will find ample experiences to share, which will amount to the ‘story.’


Most personal brands attempt to be personal using textual blogs. Regardless of the language expertise, there will always be a significant audience you will find difficult to reach. Textual content disables you to depict emotions subtly. Either one would have to write it out or miss the entire emotion.

One of the most important modes of content while personal branding is videos. The audio-visual medium allows audiences to visualize and listen while catching facial expressions and vocal tones. This enables the viewer to understand and empathize better. The overall consumer of videos is much larger too. Five billion videos get watched every day on the biggest video content platform, YouTube! This statistic alone shows the opportunities for creating videos.

Personal brands have rarely tapped into the medium despite the emotional effect videos provide. Many refrain from creating videos due to editing footage being laborious. However, several online video editors reduce the need for effort and expertise. Personal brands share blogs and recorded speeches. However, this plays as an advantage for you. This opportunity gives your brand easy access to the users.

Creating videos also enables you to rank higher in SEO, allowing your brand to be discovered by internet users. In turn, your brand and its products/services are offered more exposure and reach.

DIY or Hire Experts?

Today, everyone has a recording device right in their hands. Phones, laptops, and cameras can all record a video or take a picture. Although regular use of these tools does hone one’s videography skills, unfortunately, it cannot compete with trained professional videographers. They have rigorously studied and fiddled with expensive equipment to understand all that goes into creating a memorable video.

One might be apprehensive of hiring such a production team as it could be much more expensive than whipping out a phone camera and hitting the record button. While it is true, it will cost more, the return on investment will be significant.

Your production team will use their full knowledge and expertise to create the perfect story-sharing video for you. They will know the number of cameras to use, the ideal positioning of the camera, the perfect positioning of the subject, the lighting required, preferred background, and all the tiny details that sum up a fantastic video.

Their filming process will be more efficient. Since with their years of experience, they know the amateur mistakes to avoid. Their professional editing team will know the type of music best suited for the scene (if any), the parts to trim or crop, and when to add effects.

Despite these advantages, if you still choose to continue creating the video yourself, be sure to use tools available online, like video editor websites, to guide you through the process. They will help you produce as professional videos as possible with minimum skills.

Make an Impact

Your brand is your child, something you created, and you should treat it as such. You want the best for your company. Personal branding will allow your company to take a unique approach to the market. You will get a platform to showcase the aim behind the making of your company. However, you must be consistent with the cause.

Producing videos to personalize brands is still relatively new in the corporate world. Ensure to take full advantage of this gap by tapping into this section as soon as possible. Hiring a team of professionals is favorable as all you need to do is tell your story. They will handle the rest.

To sum it up

Personal branding can be a highly emotional journey. You expose yourself to the crowd, which can be extremely intimidating. While it may be so, when fabricating the video for the purpose, it is essential to make it crisp, pointed, purposeful, and inspiring. It is impossible to keep these in mind when filming footage. However, the editor should know how to make the final product look professional.

The beauty of this particular branding is that there are no thumb rules one must follow. Since every individual is unique and has their own set of attributes, each has different strategies. This branding will set you apart from the crowd and eventually set your company apart from others. Your story must ensure to trigger empathy in the viewers. This will allow them to connect with you, and in turn, connect with your brand. Lastly, remember to share this video on all platforms and have it on your company website. It must be easily accessible for more people to watch.

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