Polls have picked steam up on various social media platforms. Similar to free quiz posts, online polls are meant to gather people’s communal opinions about any particular topic. Most probably, they are posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Hence, anyone can post opinion polls regarding anything. Polls are helpful to engross the followers.

Moreover, users can increase the weightage of participation in the outcome just by buying some votes. Therefore, buy Facebook votes from In this way, not only will your participation in polling be enhanced, but it will also boost your Facebook account. To make your online handle flourish more, try to post some appealing and inquisitive polls. We are providing a comprehensive guide about creating Facebook polls. Have a look at the details mentioned next.

Steps to create a Facebook Poll

Opinion polls are amongst the exclusive features of Facebook. Furthermore, through the result of these polls, you can perceive the concept of the masses. As a result, you will post the content that best suits the public views. Similarly, a wholesome and definite poll is above all. Whether the polls on Android, Facebook groups, or desktop only, they carry a different method to create them. Here are some steps for creating Facebook polls. Feel free to dig in the description.

Step (1). Create Facebook Poll for Android & iOS

  • Go for the Facebook app on Android and choose the add story option.
  • Select the poll option from the given ones.
  • Type your question in the poll box.
  • Add some definite options for the particular written question.
  • Choose any desired background for the poll.
  • Before post, it, add music, boomerang, text, and stickers candidly,
  • Click the share option to post your poll

Step (2). Make a Poll on Facebook Group by Desktop Site

  • Open Facebook from the desktop browser,
  • Login to the profile and switch to the groups on Facebook
  • Choose a specific group for which you desire to make a poll.
  • Go to the create post option and choose poll from the menu icon on the right side.
  • Create the query for the poll in the text composing box.
  • Now add some options for the poll question. Remember that you can add multiple options for the pollers to choose from.
  • The poll is created successfully, post it directly in the group.

Users can create polls either on desktop, Android, or both. Video polls are another excellent form through which the creator can easily get to know the public’s perspective.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a social networking forum where people can communicate, share videos and pictures with others. People can also get to know the thoughts of others through stories and polls. Some common polls are very popular as business polls, product reviews, sports polls, and feedback polls, including many others. Posting polls is equally important because it will cause a significant rise in followers on your social account. On account of being acquainted with the audience’s preferences, share the polls over any trendy matter.

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