How to Drive More Leads: 5 Tools That helps!

To grow a business, you need leads. And when I say leads, it doesn’t just mean traffic. You also need to collect information about this traffic so you can use it for further communication. By this means, you’ll be able to convert casual traffic into long-term customers. But the question is how to generate these leads?

Even marketing professionals who are working for many years in the industry cannot bring in new leads without help. The list exhausts after a certain period of time but you cannot stop the business. You need new leads every day.

To help this process, there are a number of lead generation tools in the market. Out of them, we have listed down 5 easy-to-use tools to generate more leads.

1. SeedProd

This tool is extremely useful for creating a WordPress landing page. SeedProd helps to build easy and customized landing pages that help you to convert leads. You do not need to learn coding to build pages with the help of this tool. Because of its benefits, this tool is used by over 1 million professionals to make their pages attractive.

SeedProd provides various other features like drag-and-drop page building, live previews, different navigation tools for customized layouts, and many more. Along with these, it gives you preset templates to choose or generate ideas from. There’s also a revision history tool to check your mistakes if anything doesn’t appear as you expected it to be.

The basic package of this tool allows you to create unlimited landing pages for a single website.

2. Marketo

This tool makes use of inbound and outbound marketing strategies. With this, they improvise the quality of leads for you that can actually turn into sales. Marketo is a lead management solution where businesses are free to establish relationships with their potential customers before any sales pitch or representative pops in.

With this tool, you can easily land new leads, handle email marketing and automation. Most importantly, you can also get the analytics for further improvement. There are various packages and prices available for this tool depending upon your needs. Get in touch with their salesperson to know which package suits your needs.

3. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert helps you to find email addresses. This is highly useful for people working in the sales department since they need to find new clients. They can pitch to potential clients through emails and this is where Voila Norbert helps. You simply have to enter the person’s name and the company they’re working for. After this, Voila Norbert will automatically look for their email address.

With this tool, you can also get the feature of bulk identification with a CSV file.  This tool can also be integrated with most CRM softwares. And with this, you can also track the lead generation results.

4. Hoovers

This tool states that it has the world’s largest commercial database. Hoovers is a sales automation tool where you can create a targeted list of potential clients. You can find the data and analytics to get in touch with clients faster. It also includes the information of the company so you don’t have to waste time researching. Another benefit is that you can have relevant communication with your clients that can help you generate more leads and sales.

Other features of this tool include informed communication, automated workflow software, real-time notifications, and customized buyer data.

5. Nimble

Nimble automatically collects data and organizes it so that your data is always handy. You do not have to enter data every time you make use of this tool. It automatically pulls in data and information from multiple online sources so that your data of potential clients is available at your fingertips.

This CRM software can work easily with Office and GSuite to gather contacts, communication history, appointments, and schedules along with the emails exchanged at one place. You can also use it with social networking sites like LinkedIn to merge contacts and track your sales.

Over to you…

You’ll always need different tools to help you manage emails, screenshots, archives, customer databases, and everything that’s related to business such as Stillio. With the right set of tools, you can create magic in your business. So, don’t waste your time trying your hands on different tools and use this guide to generate the right leads.

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