How To Find The Best Moving Companies

Finding the best packers and movers isn’t that easy. You will have to pay attention to several things and even then there is no guarantee that you are going to get the most effective one. Markets are full of all sorts of people—cheats or the honest. So, you have got to find a way which can really help you in sorting out the good service providers from the incompetent ones. This is because without a reliable moving company, handling a move can even go beyond just challenging. It can turn into a horrible experience. Thus, for a hassle-free experience, learn how to find the best packers and movers company in Pune with the help of the following piece of writing. Thus, let’s get started.


The first and most important thing is experience. Hire a novice and you are never going to make a hassle-free move. It takes a well-experienced and competent person if you really want to make your trip less challenging and more fun. Therefore, as much as possible, strive hard to find someone who you can put your trust in based on the level of competence they have got. At least, ensure 5 to 6 years of practical experience. Have a look at the year of inception. It is the year when the company was founded. Looking at it can give you an idea of how long it has been for the company since it joined the industry.


Another thing that you must remember while looking for packers and movers is legality. First of all, consider the following. Suppose you want to check the legality of a person. Then, in that case, how would you go about approaching this particular situation? Don’t worry. It is way simpler than you actually think. You just need to have a look at the IDs and that is it. If the person holds a valid ID, you are going to find out if the same is legitimate or not. A person with no Aadhaar Card in India is definitely illegitimate. And you wouldn’t want to deal with this person at all. Likewise, companies that aren’t registered under the company act as well as don’t hold GSTINs are not worthy of your time and money. Keep a healthy distance from such corporations. And that is it. These two are the most crucial documents that can help you find out if a firm is trustworthy and legal.


We have already talked about legitimacy. And in the previous section, we saw that it has basically two aspects—Company Registration and GSTIN. Here, let’s only deal with incorporation. It is a process where satisfying certain criteria and following certain procedures turn a profit-making organisation into a legally valid company. All such procedures and conditions are briefly referred to as company registration, or to be more technical, incorporation. This process is usually outlined under a system of rules and regulations called the company act. In India, it is the company act of 2013. So, when you meet packers and movers, don’t forget to ask for the credentials related to the registration of their company as we have discussed in some detail here. Now, let’s move on to GSTIN and the related stuff.


When we talk about GSTIN, many may not even know what we are talking about. It is nothing but an identification string issued by the GST Council. A company or any organisation that is a legitimate taxpayer has to have this identification number or they are not a valid taxpayer. Suppose you have two types of companies before you. The first one discharges all its tax liabilities on time and thus holds all the receipts thus received. As a result, it possesses a valid GSTIN as well. And on the other hand, you have got a company that hardly pays any of its tax liabilities and it has no GSTIN as well. In that case, which option would you like to choose? Obviously, it is going to be the first one. Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers or GSTINs really help you find a genuine guy. Hence, ensure all these things, i.e., experience, legitimacy, registration, and GSTIN and it will help you find genuine people in the market.


Well, recommendations are other things that can help you find genuine or the best packers and movers. You don’t need to do anything but talk to everyone you know. Talk to your friends, family members, and neighbours as many people as possible. This way, you will come across people who have shifting experiences. You are not the only one who needs to make a move. Many must have done the same before. So, connect to such fellows. And get recommendations from them. Make a list of company details you have gathered and meet each one on the list. Because someone you already know has tested the company before, you don’t have to take much stress over the legitimacy of the same. But one thing you mustn’t forget is an offline, face-to-face interaction. Try to meet the person individually even if it was recommended by your loved one. And see if they satisfy all the conditions discussed so far.

Online Reputable Directories

You can also find the best moving companies on the Internet. All you need to do is just to find reputable and trustworthy directories. For example, you can find great transport operators on the portal of It goes like this. On the same portal, you just have to access the empanelment section on the navigation bar. There, a dropdown comes down and you find a link in the second place from the top saying, “Recommended Transport Operators.” Click there and it will take you to the page where you can find details of various transport operators or moving companies. Don’t just decide on anyone without an offline visit. Meet the person individually, see if they have all the required credentials, and ensure everything important. Check the condition of transport facilities. In short, pay attention to every single aspect and that is it. In this manner, nobody can stop you from hiring the best packers and movers.

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