How to Get Back on the Paddleboard After Falling

Whether you are an experienced paddler or you are getting started, you are bound to fall off the paddleboard. With water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding, falling off is a normal thing. But it routinely happens to the new paddlers.

However, the more you practice the better you become in staying upright and balancing on the paddleboard.

Since you will fall several times, it is significant to learn the tips and how you can get back on your paddleboard after falling.

Even though it may sound weird, but it is important to learn the best ways to fall. This will ensure you do not get a bad injury and you can get back on your paddleboard.

Tips for falling off from your paddleboard

Falling off a paddleboard can happen in shallow waters or deep waters. It is therefore vital to learn the essential tips.

But first, ensure you have a life jacket. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or not, wear a life jacket all the time. The life jacket will ensure you do not drown in the river, lake, or ocean. Moreover, you do not know what may happen when you fall into the deep end.

Here are tips to remember when you fall off the paddleboard

*Ensure you fall far away from the paddleboard

It is very important to move away from your paddleboard when you fall. Do not be tempted to fall on the board. This can lead to serious injuries since the paddleboard is tough.

When you become unstable on the paddleboard, look for the best way to fall. You can fall in front, at the back, or on the side of the paddleboard. It is harmless to fall on the water than on your paddleboard.

*Fall flat on the water

Do you know the intensity of falling will determine how deep you get into the water? Therefore, the best way to fall is to land flat on the water. Falling on your belly or back will ensure you do not go very deep in water. Also, you will avoid hitting objects such as stones found under the waters.

*Hold on to the paddleboard

If you can, hold on to your paddleboard, but if you can’t, let it go. To hold the board is easier, especially if you have a leash. With a leash, the paddleboard will move back to you very fast.

How to get back on the paddleboard after falling

After falling, you need to get back on your paddleboard to continue paddling. However, you need to be calm and avoid panicking. This will ensure you continue paddling.

It is also important to note that falling is not a sign that you are weak, an expert or a beginner can fall off. The most essential thing is to learn how to get back.

1. Look for your board

Once you fall, your paddleboard might move far away from you. Therefore, you need to look for it and swim near it. But if you are wearing a leash, the paddleboard will be near you.

2. Position yourself properly

Now, position yourself well to get back on the board. Make sure you are at the center of the paddleboard. This will ensure you get back on the board successfully. After positioning yourself properly, use one hand to grasp the handle.

3. Use the main hand to get back to the board

Once you are in a good position, the next step is pulling yourself up. Use the main hand to pull yourself and the other hand to hold the board in place. If you are a left-handed person, the best part to pull yourself up is the right side and vice versa.

4. Tread the water

Tread the water to make sure your body weight is well placed. Also, it will get you into a good position. Do not try to place the entire weight on the board. You might find it hard to get back to your paddleboard.

5. Get a comfortable sitting position

After pulling yourself up and the whole weight is on the paddleboard, swing the legs around the side of the paddleboard to get a comfortable sitting position. Sitting is the best position to relax before you can continue paddling.

6. Stand-up unhurriedly

After relaxing, you can now stand on your paddleboard. However, you need to be careful. You do not want to fall again. Start by dropping your paddle across the paddleboard, shift your weight forward, your soles down, and then stand up unhurriedly.


Stand-up paddleboarding is a great water activity for all ages. However, learning how to paddle takes time and needs a lot of patience. If you are a beginner, you will fall from your paddleboard several times. But you need to get back to your paddleboard after falling.

With the above tips and steps, it will be easy to get back on the paddleboard even after a heavy fall. Do not panic even if you are getting started. Practice more and you will become an expert.

Keep in mind that even professional paddlers fall off their paddleboards. Thus, it is not a big surprise when a beginner falls off many times. When you fall, do not give. Practice until you become a professional.

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