How to handle those Passover Programs reviews websites – is it a good or bad

n General Hotel Reviews are Something Everyone Relies on

The most important part of a regular vacation, or trip is the location you choose to visit. People spend countless hours selecting location destinations that will provide fun activities, and cultural experiences that everyone in their family will enjoy participating in.
But for Passover Programs travelers, The location selection is not the most important element of the vacation. You must consider the Program operators reputation, level of Kashrut, language/communication and more to consider.
This is why the idea of having a platform for reviewing Passover programs can be a great idea. But unfortunately, things are not as simple as it sounds.

One of the main details that must be addressed when a trip is planned is where you will stay while you are away from home. You will need to find a hotel or motel that has all of the amenities that you need to be comfortable. You also want to find a place that will be affordable and will have the little “extra” touches that can make a trip fabulous instead of “so-so”.

Many people who are Jewish have been asking what Pesach Programs 2022 will bring us? Learning to read the reviews left by other travelers will help you find a Pesach friendly hotel, that has everything you want and need.

Reviews on Major Booking Sites

One of the ways to find out how great a hotel is will be to read the reviews that customers have left. There are several travel-based sites that help you find hotel rooms, and these sites post reviews left by other guests so you can find out a little more about the accommodations being offered.

Tripadvisor Reviews

The people who use Tripadvisor to book hotel rooms can leave reviews after their stay. The reviews help to increase the popularity of the hotels, and they help to establish the popularity ranking the resort has.

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In order for Tripadvisor to give a high popularity ranking to a hotel or resort the reviews left by confirmed paying guests have to be consistently good. The consistency of positive reviews lets the booking company feel more confident that the place they are recommending is actually a great place to stay.

Major Booking Sites to read Reviews on

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There are a lot of booking sites that you can look at to see the reviews of certain hotels and resorts you may be considering staying at. Some of these sites include:

  • com
  • Trivago
  • Expedia
  • Kayak
  • com
  • Priceline
  • Orbitz
  • Momondo
  • Agoda
  • GetARoom
  • Hotwire
  • American Express Travel
  • Travelocity
  • Skyscanner Hotels
  • Google Hotel Finder
  • HotelTonight
  • Hopper

Go to the Hotel or Resort Website

If you really want to read more reviews on certain establishments it can be beneficial to go to the website of the hotel. The majority of businesses now publish reviews on their websites so people can select accommodations that are great.

The problem with hotel or resort websites is they may have outstanding reviews but you cannot guarantee that the reviews were all written by customers who actually stayed at the hotel. There are freelance writers that the hotel can hire to write reviews from different locations so it appears that they have a lot of positive comments.

When you read reviews from the popular booking sites you are more likely to be reading reviews that were written by actual guests. Most of the booking sites require that the person writing a review have an account on their site, and proof that they actually stayed at the hotel or resort they are reviewing.

The Importance of Hotel Reviews

You may not realize that hotel reviews are critical data for the establishment. The majority of people who are going to travel have internet access. 90% of the people who are going to travel read the reviews left by previous guests before they make their final decision on where to stay.

When people are reading hotel reviews 79% of them will read more than six reviews before they make a determination on whether or not a place is suitable to their needs.

When people are doing a search for a hotel or resort 88% of them will not consider a hotel that has an average star rating below a three. Hotels need to maintain a star rating of four or higher, and they need a lot of reviews from guests to establish enough data for people to make informed decisions.

Current Reviews

In general, the reviews you read about a hotel or resort will tell you how clean the place was, how friendly the staff was, whether the beds were comfortable, and whether there was plenty of hot water. These items seem to be very important to most people.

When you are reading reviews make sure you read the date the review was left on. Reading a review that was made a year ago does not tell you anything about the hotel at this time. You want to read reviews that have been posted in the last ninety days. Anything older than ninety days is more than likely too old to rely on.

Pesach Friendly

If you are Jewish and looking for a place to spend Passover with your family then the hotel needs to be Pesach friendly. They need to serve kosher foods, have cleansed the establishment of Chametz so the Jewish guests can relax, enjoy their stay, and remain true to their observances of the holiday.

Hotels need to have dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, and glasses that have never had Chametz related articles in them. To meet these guidelines the hotel or resort should have a rabbi come and help them make the right preparations for the Jewish guests.

Most people consider the foods that will be served, but there are non-food items that need to be considered also. Soaps, shampoos, deodorant, cleansers, detergents, and other daily use products must pass the Chametz free rabbi suggestions.

When Jewish travelers find a hotel or resort that does fit into the Pesach friendly category, they almost always leave a review so future guests can book accommodations with confidence.

Final Thoughts

In general the majority of people do read reviews, and they do rely on the information from those reviews for booking hotel and flights. When you read look for reviews that sound legitimate, and check to see if more than one person complains about or praises the same feature of the establishment.

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