How to Increase Conversions Through Your Ecommerce App

E-Commerce is a highly competitive industry as Csn Philly reports. Conversion rate optimization (the full form of the trendy CRO process) is difficult to do well consistently, and requires not just smart work but quite a bit of a monetary investment as well. When you reach the top (or as close to it as you can) of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), staying there means beating competitors.

Make no mistake, your competitors are well-funded and hungry to take your place. So, you must be ready to use all the tricks in your bag to make sure your app conversions keep on increasing.

Whether you get an external app developer with a great track record of developing iOS & Android apps to build your ecommerce app, or hire an IT team to keep in-house granular control over the app development process, you will need to pay attention to the following major points.

  1. Shoppers listen to other shoppers – highlight social proof
    1. The stats speak for themselves. Check out this Nielsen report, if you want to drive up conversions in your ecommerce app. See what it says? If you do not want to read through it, here is the Too Long, Didn’t Read summary – a whopping 84% – that’s right,eighty four percent – of shoppers trust the opinions of their peers when it comes to buying something. Peers includes friends & family.
    2. Interestingly, influencers have also become huge in our social media driven world. People often buy things they do not even need because their favorite social media influencer recommended or hyped it. Use this way to drive up sales.Read More About: web mail

Takeaways: if you can’t hire or pay influencers for paid promotions on social media, at least include customer testimonials in a highly visible space on your app so that prospective shoppers can relate to other buyers’ experiences and form a more favorable opinion about your offerings.

  1. Simplify navigation & user experience (UX)
    1. It is a commonly held misconception among naive or novice app developers that more features equals more user engagement. In fact, quite the opposite is true in most cases. The cleaner the interface and functionalities of your shopping app, the higher the chances that people will not only buy things themselves but also recommend your app to others in their networks, meaning better word-of-mouth.
    2. To decide on a great UX and streamlined navigation, you can take a leaf out of the book of app developers in Australia who created top apps like Canva. Who knows, perhaps the fact that they hail from a vast, open continent has seeped into their consciousness and enabled them to create excellent app UX flows!

Takeaways: keep your ecommerce app design simple, concentrate on making functions useful rather than adding as many of them as your app developers can, and highlight your products.

  1. Integrate social media into your app
    1. These days, the bulk of traffic on the internet is hogged by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest et cetera. Depending on what your main target demographic is, you need to see which social media platform they spend most of their time on, and consequently integrate it into your ecommerce app to increase conversions. This depends largely on what you sell.
    2. If you are into electronics and gadgets, Twitter’s topics and trends are a great way to drive up traffic with deals and discounts. If you are into apparel, Instagram hashtags & reels that showcase models touting the latest designs can be huge. Decide which social media platforms would be the best fit for your ecommerce product portfolio and make sure you give visitors an option to use their account on their preferred social media channel to log in and shop from within your app.

Takeaways: social media is a huge pull. The target market for your best selling products should decide the social media platforms on which you focus, although if you grow into a big player in the ecommerce space, you will eventually have to provide users all the options. Godspeed!

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