How to Integrate your Hours into Project Management Software 

4 Ways to Integrate Time Tracking Software with Project Management Software

When juggling multiple projects, all you need is software that can track your time. With a time tracker free of cost, you can easily manage individual tasks and your entire project.

Moreover, when you integrate your hours with project estimation software, you can do fast and easy estimating.Furthermore, these solutions are particularly useful for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses.

Besides, it lets you easily add time entries for your tasks. Once your time is recorded, you will be able to print time reports for your assignments and do a thorough project analysis. So let us see how you can add your hours to your project estimation software.

Now that you have project estimation software, let us examine how it can be integrated and create reports.

1. Adding Time Entries

When you use a time tracker free of cost with your project estimation software, your teammates will be able to create time entries manually. But, this is not the best solution and may vary from task or project to project. This method lets teammates select their tasks and add the time in minutes or hours spent working on them.

One of the major benefits of using this integration method is that it is super quick. You no longer need to remember that you need to turn on/off a timer as you complete your tasks.

However, a significant drawback is that it can lead to inaccurate estimates. People may end up filling in wrong entries, and that can lead to erroneous time estimates.

Another method you can experiment with is to use a tracker that calculates time spent on tasks automatically. Then, all your teammates will need to click a button and then stop it when they are not working on it.

2. Use A Recorded Timer

As discussed above, a recorded timer is a much more accurate time tracking method. It will also let you build customer trust and price your project based on labor- hours spent. The downside is that your teammates will need to take care of their breaks and switch to other tasks.

For instance, when your team member is working on a particular task for your project, another manager comes to their desk and asks them questions about their projects. It is also possible that quick questions may turn into hour-long meetings. Just in case your team member forgets to pause the timer, your project will add to an hour of work that doesn’t count for.

This, in turn, can lead to increased project costs and can wreak havoc on your project estimates. At the same time, you may think that one hour is not that much, but this can lead to a detrimental impact when you have more employees.

Benefits of Integrating Hours Into Project Estimation Software

1. Keep Up With Your Employees

When you can see the hours of work done comprehensively, you will no longer need to micromanage your employees. Besides, you will be able to see tasks that are going over budget and ones which can be delayed. Using a time tracker free of cost will also help you plan your future projects better.

Besides, when you integrate hours with your project estimation software, you will see the bigger picture. Just imagine, if you have a project with 200+ tasks, you will be able to monitor and assess your team’s productivity. Moreover, you will be able to reduce the workload of your team by redistributing tasks.

You can easily compare the time it took two of your employees to complete similar tasks. The one which took a shorter time must have found an innovative way of accomplishing while the other might require more training.

4. Create Comprehensive Reports

A project estimation software lets you create time reports and timesheets. The latter allows individual employees to keep track of their tasks and measure their progress. Besides, it gives them a mood booster and works on their future tasks.

At the same time, time reports are proof of progress, which you would want to review with your stakeholders. You can choose to download them as a PDF or CSV file for your reference. You can also know about WeInvoice

The best part is that these reports are customizable. So, you no longer need to study the whole piece to get specific information. This will also help you serve customers better and share the time spent working on their projects.

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Wrapping Up

Integrating hours into your project estimation software and using a time tracker free of cost will help you achieve your business objectives. In addition, it will help you and your team be productive and work on better opportunities and achieve professional growth on a personal and professional level.

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