How to know if you need couple counseling?

To have a partner in this life is a need. We all need someone that can love us for who we are, that can make us feel like we are enough, that can listen to every single gibberish that we have to say without ever getting tired of, even though they get tired of, but they don’t say anything and just pretend to listen—that is love, and to have someone like that is a success in life.

You cannot live all alone in your life, you need someone, you need a partner, sooner or later, no matter how you feel about always wanting to stay alone, you will eventually need a partner, this is just how humans are wired and this is just what is the need for them at some point. Therefore, what do we do? We get in a relationship with people that we love, that we adore, that make us laugh, and that understand and help us grow. But overtime, this can change, there can be rifts in the relationship, and these rifts can later spiral into other issues which can leave a dirty spot in the relationship. But luckily, they can be saved through the couple counseling offered by Pneuma Therapeutic Services.

The couples can start to distrust and lie to each other, these lies can later become into fights and the partners can become distrusting of one another. Then during the day, one keeps asking where were you or where are you, which shows that there is no trust. If one does wrong, another starts to do wrong as well to them and this vicious cycle of hurting one another continues until one of them leaves.

Not only this, the couples start to not take interest in each other’s life, they do not ask one another how their day went and what they are doing next or tomorrow. There is no excitement in their life, they do not take each other out on dates, nor to special openings, art galleries, movies that are coming out, no one remembers or at least one of them acts negatively while the other tries to fix things which is impossible to do so alone. These broken relationships can be fixed, you can get the person back that used to love you, care for you, and be there for you.

But how? Through couple counseling program offered by Pneuma Therapeutic Services, this is quite possible. Couple counseling is here to help people get their loved one back and this program can help in the following ways:

Communication skills between the couple improves.

The counselor first sits and interacts with the couple, tries to get to the root of the problem, usually the root of the problem stems from miscommunication, not listening to one another and always speaking but never listening.

Root causes are further deconstructed.

Many core issues are addressed and tackled; little issues are taken into consideration. Both sides are heard and a cool mind prevails to help the couple understand what is wrong and what can be done.

A safe space for you as well as your partner is created.

With couples counseling, you can be sure of the fact that there will always be one place where you can come to and talk about the problems in your relationship which you just cannot talk about with each other. Having a counselor in between you and your partner can help pass each view point across in a healthy way and you can be sure that no information is leaked and everything is sacred. If you are suffering from such things and want your relationship to last, then go to Pneuma Therapeutic Services and work on you and your partner, it is never too late to change.

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