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How to Maintain Your Halo Hair extensions for a Longer Time?

Have you recently bought new hair extensions? Perhaps, perhaps not. If you haven’t, chances are you’ll consider it at some point in the future.

Hair extensions are popular among women of all age groups and hair types. But many extend their love for hair extensions to the degree that damages them very quickly!

Halo hair extensions are not cheap at all! You can easily spend more than $1,000 on them. So, it is only logical that you want to take good care of them to maintain their quality for as long as possible.

But the problem is many women don’t know how to do this correctly. This article will provide you with all the information that you need to keep your hair extensions healthy and shiny.

Don’t Brush Them Too Much

High spending by the population to keep with trends amplifies the demand for a wig as a fashion product.

It is good to brush your hair before putting on your extensions. However, if you do this after wearing the extensions, the extraordinary and delicate hairs surrounding your scalp can get caught up in the brush and end up getting pulled out.

Wash Them only with Specialized Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampooing your natural hair or extensions is good because it makes them cleaner. But still, you should use a shampoo specifically for hair extensions to avoid breaking down the hair’s core.

Never wash your hair after putting on extensions! It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair. The reason for it is that the water in your shower can loosen the bond holding the extensions to your scalp, allowing them to slip out of place.

Do Not Use Anything With Alcohol or Oil on Them

If you put these things on extensions, they will dry up and tangle fast. You can easily protect them by applying hair spray on them.

Do Not Use Your Hair Dryer Too Much

If you want to use your dryer, always ensure that you use the cool setting only. Using it on hot can cause damage to not just extensions but also your natural hair, which is why it is recommended that you avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible.

Be Careful With Your Curling and Straightening Irons

The safest way of using halo hair extensions is to curl or straighten the extensions before doing so with your natural hair. If you do this, you surely can avoid damaging both the extensions and your natural hair simultaneously.

Don’t Go Too Often to the Hair Salon

Although your hair needs regular maintenance, it is still best that you go every two weeks. Going to the salon too often can easily damage your extensions. If you want more than just a trim, ask for an extra one at least once in three months.

Don’t Expose Them to the Sun

Although it is good that you want to show off your extensions, never expose them to too much sun. It will damage the color of the extensions and cause their cores to fall apart.

Keep Them Away from Water as Much as Possible

You can easily protect your extensions by keeping them away from water. It means that you should avoid exposing them to rain or pools of water.

They only need water after washing them when it’s essential that you don’t towel dry them but instead let the moisture evaporate naturally.

Avoid Styling Excessively

It is recommended that you style your extensions as little as possible. The more you do it, the faster they lose their shine and glow.

Avoid using too many hair products because this can quickly dry them out and make them look dull. Your best option would be to moisturize them regularly.

Drying Them With Old T-Shirts

Although it is a good idea, you should not dry your hair extensions with an old t-shirt because this will only cause more tangled hair.

Instead, you can use any clean towel or even paper towels for this purpose without worrying about damaging the quality or integrity of your extensions.

Replacing Them Every Six Months

When you need to replace your extensions, it is best to avoid repairing them yourself. Instead, you should take them to a reliable salon so that they can check for any damage and repair it if necessary. If there is none, they can easily remove the old extensions before putting on new ones.

Remember to Plan Ahead

It is important to remember that hair extensions take a while to put on, so plan accordingly.

It means going at least a day ahead of your event so that it gives the hairdresser time to measure and cut your extensions accordingly.

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