How to Make it in the Music Industry After College

It’s often said that if you want something, you have to do and get it yourself. Becoming successful in any career or field is no different. This is especially true of the music industry, which is one of the hottest and most competitive fields out there. Charts, rates, and hits change every day, and it’s easy to get left behind and forgotten.

Getting onto the stage and creating a long-term space is not easy, but it is possible. Here are a few steps to take from Artist Push that could lead to success in the music industry.

  • Experience is Crucial

Even the biggest and most legendary names in the music industry started small. Experience doing gigs in small bars, making EPs out of a garage, and time spent being known only locally may seem like a mere footnote on the way to extravagant dreams of being world-famous, but it has a lot of benefits.

There isn’t a successful, famous artist out there that isn’t adored in their hometown or city. That is because these artists make the effort of being community conscious, and always include and represent their home fans.

  • Network to Make Connections, Partnerships and to Advertise Yourself

Music industry success is often built upon who you know and who your friends are, and as an up-and-coming act, the onus is on your to make those friends and connections. That means taking the initiative to offer to be on collaborations and features with other artists, DJs, and producers. Hearing ‘no’ should not be a deterrent because it is part of the business. But it’s important to keep the mentality that the answer will not always be ‘no’.

The same applies to creating awareness and building a fan base. The way to do that in this instance is through the use of social media. It’s not about being on as many platforms as possible, but about being consistent and sociable on one or two good ones. That is how to build a community of fans.

  • Be Versatile

Being a musician involves so much. There’s more than just singing or playing instruments. There’s recording tracks and albums, touring to promote said tracks, and making music videos. There is also promoting your music on social media and on music streaming platforms. It is important to be able to do all of this.

Please add this sentence: Being an artist is just one of the many careers in the music industry. You can also try a career in music production. To give you a guide in producing music, visit musicaroo.com

Singing to record a track in a studio is not the same as singing on a stage at a concert. And gaining streams and downloads online does not negate the importance is selling hard copies of albums and songs.

With consumers having the ultimate choice over the vast ocean of content out there, the pressure is on the platforms to provide quality or premium content at a fair price. The growing demand for digital video content on the internet currently is driving data consumption rates in the market to new limits. These high consumption rates are being driven by the availability of huge volumes of digital content availed by the entertainment industries online.

It’s not easy breaking on to the scene in an industry as fast-paced and cutthroat as the music industry, and it is even harder to stay relevant for long. The long list of one-hit wonders is a testament to that. Confidence and belief in one’s self and in one’s sounds is important, but that should not be allowed to turn into arrogance, especially as someone just starting out. Also, remember that while music might be a big business, there is no artist that is making music just to make money. Music is a passionate art, and loving your trade is key to being good at it.

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