How to Measure a Ring Size For Engagement Rings

Have trouble finding out the size of an engagement ring? It’s easy to learn how to measure a ring with a few simple tips. These tips will make the whole process a breeze and can help you find the perfect-sized bling for your beloved. To get started, wrap a piece of string around her finger. Then, use a ruler to mark the overlap between the string and her knuckle. Then, use a millimeter ruler to measure the inside diameter of her finger.

Measurements of a ring-size

Using a ring sizer is not necessary, how to measure ring size as it is not essential. You can simply use a pen, ruler, or string to measure the finger. You can also use a ring size chart to find out the optimum size of the finger. Once you’ve found the ring size, take the measurements of your partner’s finger with a ring-size measuring tool and then purchase it.

The easiest way to get the right ring size is by using a ring sizer. This device has numbers that will help you find the ring size that fits her finger properly. You can buy one or print a size guide and follow the directions on it. Then, wrap the ring sizer around the intended finger and insert the arrow-end through the slot on the ring sizer. You’ll see the number that lines up with the slot. Alternatively, you can measure your finger with a strip of paper or string.

Once you have measured the finger circumference, you can then use a ring size chart to find the right ring size. This tool contains circled measurements that correspond to the different sizes. Place the curved inside edge of the sizing chart onto the ring, and if the inside edge is not lined up with the circle, you need to go up a size. If you don’t know how to measure a finger, use a sizing chart with the correct measurement information.

Use a tape measure accurately 

Although the ring size chart is useful, it’s not always accurate. If you’re unsure, you can also use dental floss or string to measure the ring size. A good way to determine the sizing ring size is to make sure that the ring fits comfortably on the finger. If the ring is too loose, you can cut it to fit the finger. Alternatively, you can use a tape measure.

While a ring size chart will help you determine the sizing of your engagement ring, you can also use paper to wrap your ring finger. The paper should be snug against the knuckle. You can also use a string but it is not as reliable as paper. You must make sure that the ring fits on the knuckle with the paper. Then, compare the length with the size guide.

To avoid the risk issue

If you are in-between sizes, you should choose a size larger than you think. To avoid the risk of a loose ring, place the paper around your knuckle. Once the paper is wrapped around, mark the overlaps with a pencil. A ruler is also a great tool for measuring the ring size of a finger. The circumference of the finger should be within the knuckle.

Once you’ve figured out the knuckle size of your ring, wrap the ring sizer around the finger and check the circumference. Then, insert the pointed end of the sizing chart through the finger’s base. Once the sizing is accurate, wrap the sizing guide around the knuckle. After measuring the knuckle, you can compare the ring with the ring that fits on the hand.

Final Issue

It is easy to get the sizing of a ring by looking at the size of the left hand of your partner. Using the same technique, you can determine the size of the right hand. If you have different hands, the right hand of your girlfriend should be the dominant hand. To ensure a proper fit, you need to measure her knuckle with a tape. This will ensure that the sizing of the ring will slip smoothly over her knuckle.

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