How to Renovate and Stay Safe From COVID

As the Coronavirus Pandemic gripped the world last year and millions of people were forced to quarantine at home, interest in renovation projects saw a major boost. Since so many people were spending all of their time at home, all of a sudden the to-do lists began to grow. A year later, the pandemic is still part of our lives and home renovation projects are more numerous than ever. With the uncertainties of the virus, however, many wonder how they can renovate and stay safe.

If you’re considering expanding the kitchen, building a new room for the washing machine and dryer, or adding on to a bedroom or living room, there are few things to consider in the age of Covid-19. From inviting contractors into your home to acquiring your building materials, you’ll need to be careful and take some precautions to stay safe. The good news, however, is that you can safely complete all of your renovation projects. Let’s take a look at how you can renovate and stay safe from Covid-19.

Shop Online

During the height of the pandemic, online shopping became the norm for many households. If you are completing renovation projects, you could consider online shopping as a way to acquire the materials and stay safe. Many online stores and retailers offer free shipping and discounts when you purchase items online. From lumber to appliances, you can buy just about anything online and avoid having to go into large stores like Home Depot with a bunch of people.

You can even buy carpets online. Shopping online is a great way to score an area rug, stain-resistant carpet, or another type of carpet. Rather than having to visit a local store, you can simply make your rug selection online and wait for it to arrive. Everything from rug pads to entryway and kitchen rugs can be found at a great price online. You can even find other types of flooring and installer options. If you’re concerned about staying safe during your home renovations, online shopping is a great option to avoid crowded stores.


If you’re planning home renovations during this time, completing the work yourself is the safest way to protect your home and family. If this isn’t possible, however, you can hire contractors and still have a safe renovation. If you are contracting the work, a great place to start is by having a conversation with your contractor.

When hiring someone to do work for you, you’ll want to discuss safety issues related to Covid-19. Ask the contractor specific questions about precautions that are in place, personal protective equipment requirements, and what the expectations are for people living in the home.

You might decide that any family members in the home should isolate to specific rooms while workers are in the home. You’ll also need to make a plan with your contractor if an employee or family member tests positive or is exposed to the virus. Making a plan and being clear about expectations is the best way to stay safe and allows workers into your home to complete renovations.

Be Flexible

As we have seen with this virus, even with the most detailed plans and protections, things happen. There might be exposure risks or positive tests that emerge and you’ll want to make sure that your family is safe. If projects need to be delayed or postponed, you’ll need to be flexible. You should wait to complete a project and get it finished later than risk putting yourself, your family, or contracted workers at risk. Keep in mind, also, that the pandemic is affecting supply chains for a variety of building materials. This might also require some patience and flexibility with timing and competition dates.

If you want to complete home renovations during this time of the pandemic, it can be done safely. There is a lot to do when completing a home remodel project and the added pressures from Covid-19 can make it harder. From shopping online to making detailed plans with contractors, however, you can limit the risks to your family and still get the work done on your home that you want.

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