How to Select a Diamond Anniversary Band for Her

Everyone knows what a wedding band and what an engagement ring are. But a lesser-known jewelry type is the anniversary band. As the name suggests, this band is given as a really nice anniversary present, almost like a second wedding ring, often being gold or platinum with diamond accents. It’s generally seen as a reminder of the love that started it all. Choosing one should not be taken lightly.

Selecting an Anniversary Band

When picking out an anniversary band, consider your spouse’s personal style. Select a ring that goes with other jewelry that she has. It is especially important to pick one out that will accent her wedding ring. You will need to know if your wife plans on wearing this ring on its own or if she plans on stacking it with other rings.

See what she already has

Before heading to the store or website, you will need to see what types of jewelry your wife already has so that you can see what cuts of stones she likes, as well as what ring to get that will accent other rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Sometimes there will be bands that are specifically made to complete the look of the wedding and or engagement rings.

Get a sense of what she’d like

After this, ask your wife questions about what she likes. Ask what her dream ring or bracelet would look like, or what her favorite cut is. Make sure to pay special attention to metal types, like different kinds of gold or platinum, cuts of diamond, and other gems that she would like such as a birthstone.

Find out where she’d wear it

When you slyly ask your wife these questions, as to not make her suspicious, you will also need to smoothly ask where she would wear an anniversary ring, and how large she would want the diamonds to be. If you are going to select larger diamonds, then your wife might not wear the band as much. If your wife really wants something to just accent her other rings, then you may want to select a more simple design.

Communicate about metals

Perhaps the most important thing to decide on is the metal. With the wide selection of metals available today, like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, sterling silver, platinum, and titanium, it is extremely important to find which one your wife prefers. The metal could go with some things and clash with others. Along with the fashion side of things, there is also the cost and durability. Some metals will break down sooner than others and some metals will be much more expensive than another type.

Once you get the information you need, you can pick out the perfect ring. With all of these factors to figure out, it will take a little time before you know what to look for. But, with all the time you will spend on picking out the perfect band for the love of your life, she will never forget it. She will have a memory that will last a lifetime, and she will have you to thank.

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