How to set up a proxy server on Windows

So, you became the proud owner of a proxy server. They are convenient, easy to use and open access to many things that are inaccessible for one reason or another blocking. Now we will tell you how to set it up better and what little tricks will help you work with sites faster and more efficiently.

If you want traffic to go to another server through a browser, rent or buy a proxy server, for example, at and configure it for your own needs. Considering that VPN and anonymizing programs have already come under sanctions, the option with your own proxy provides guarantees for a quiet search or work in the network without unnecessary bans.

Where to begin

Find a proxy utility. It is either supplied with it, which is prescribed in the contract, or downloaded from authorized sites. For example, there is a fairly easy-to-use Putty. On the Session tab, set the IP address that was received when creating the VPS. Go to the Tunnels section inside SSH. Enter the data 3128 in the Source Port tab. Select Auto and Dynamic. Click Add. Turn on Connection and set a timer for two minutes so that the connection will not be interrupted for sure. Click Open to connect. But if you want and uninterrupted source, you better visit

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How to login

Then log in with your personal username and password sent by the hoster in the letter after creating the VPS. Now let’s move on to the browser settings. Proxy server settings can be found both by searching and in the “system” tab. Inside the settings, we find “Configuring local network settings” and “Network settings”. Check the boxes “Automatic detection” and “Use for local connections.” Click Advanced. In the SOCKS line, specify the localhost address and port 3128. Look at the IP address and its changes, if they happened, the proxy has successfully connected to the system. This is how the setting in Google Chrome works. In other browsers, the system is connected in the same way, through internal settings and connecting networks.

For pages

If you want the proxy server to work only with certain pages, you will need another program that is more specific. FoxyProxy is convenient in this regard, it works with different browsers and rarely crashes. Add a new proxy server via the add new proxy button. On the “details” or details tab, enter the port number and IP address information. Turn on SOCKS Proxy and inside the URL Patterns field enter exactly those sites that should work through a proxy. When entering data, mark each site with an asterisk at the beginning and end of the link. All other sites not entered in this field will open with your usual IP address. There is also an extension that is called “bypassing Runet locks”. Through it, in the same way, you can enter your own proxy server and work with certain sites selectively.

How to simplify the task

It is recommended to enable the selected helper programs each time you work with a proxy, which is usually solved automatically. Check the boxes for automatic authorization and write the configurations that you received when purchasing a proxy server.

Technical support

If all the twists and turns of working with English-language programs do not suit you, you can set up a proxy server or several with the help of technical support, which works at decent rental companies around the clock and promptly resolves any issues that arise. They will prompt you in real time what to enter in which column, recommend programs for tuning, since new ones are written regularly and some may turn out to be much more useful than the ones mentioned above. With their help, you can learn how to fix proxy server errors, configure servers for different systems and get advice on the current session.

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When working with proxy servers, there are several connection options, and you just need to choose the one you like and use it. The data entered manually will be saved and in the future you will either turn on the program to launch the proxy on certain sites on your own every time you turn on the computer, or enter automatic mode. Blocks will be successfully circumvented, traffic will be spent more economically, and your security will be at its best.

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