How to Setup and Decorate the Home Bar

Bars in the home have been in style for a long time. Whether an extensive one or a small one, the bars add luxury and sophistication to the house. If you love to maintain a bar, you can build a home bar with various options.

The bar can be grand or small according to the space and utility. So, show off your bar collection stylishly and set up and decorate a stunning home bar.

If you have a difficult time deciding the bar setup and decor, then keep reading. But, first, let’s have a look at popular layouts and decor for a home bar. 

Design and Setup the bar

The bar setup starts with designing the bar by keeping your needs, guests, and utility in mind. Then choose a perfect corner for your bar and study a variety of home bar styles.

You can build a home bar in the living room, patio, under the stairs, in a corner basement, garage, or any favorite nook in your house. For example, you can turn the console and wall storage into a bar. Or try out the closet to make a cozy bar. 

There are so many options to explore, and the bar is customizable. For choosing the bar style, you can choose from an array of various types. It can be an extensive built-in bar, or corner, or round bar wooden setup.

Also, invest in wet or dry bars according to space and use. A wet bar has a basin and demands basic plumbing. It lets you wash all the serve ware in the bar.

Decorate the Special Place With Wall Arts


Make your evenings even more memorable by setting up the tones of the bar. An indoor, outdoor, minor, or significant hang some sassy wall arts for a polished look. Hang some incredible canvas with bar quotes, images of drinks, and some rustic illustrations. 

You can make a grid of canvas on an adjacent wall or hang a sizable canvas. The bonus is that canvas comes with protective layering, is scratch and fall-proof. The ready to hang premium bar wall arts at ElephantStock will complement your wall perfectly. Also, use mirrors on the wall for a shiny look. 

The mirror makes the bar look more prominent due to reflection and looks very royal and lavish. In addition, you use photo prints and turn them into canvas or frames—pictures of old sake times and get-togethers. So, customize the bar ideally to create a unique space.

Ensure Comfortable bar Seating

Just like commercial bars, the home bars will also need high chairs and stools. It would be best if you could invest in high chairs with back support. Match the chairs with bar counter and material for blending look. Also, you can use modern chairs with all granite flawless home bar.

The general height of the bar counter is 41 to 43 inches, so ensure seating with 29 to 32 inches height. Likewise, if your counter is tall at 46 inches, you can go for chairs with 30 to 36 inches of height.

Functional and Exotic Lighting

Pendant lighting near the bar counter and seating are usually preferred in the bar. Hang a single or multiple pice according to the area of the home bar. The light should hang enough for less obstruction. 

The countertops need recessed lights for preparation. So, opt for ample lighting in the working area. You can also use remote-controlled dimming concealed LED lights. So, use decoratively as well as a functional light.

Don’t Forget the Essentials.


The essentials like fine glassware and serve ware should have a designated place in your home bar. It would help if you never run to your kitchen while serving your guests. Have good knives and all the bar equipment.

Also, make a place for soda water, syrups, vermouth, etc. Allocate a place for beers, sodas, and all types of drinks. You can hang your drink in the stand too. Build ample storage under the cabinets for all sorts of storage, trash bins, and much more.

Although the bar is lavish and a place where you make memories, but it must be efficient. Every guest will appreciate the one in all bar with mind-blowing storage and display.

Let’s Wrap it

So, now you have to pick up your favorite place. Choose bars according to the variety of drinks. Edgy, corner, large or small bar, restock it perfectly for a neat look. Have proper seating, lighting and set up the mood with some exotic wall art.

The bar is a very personal space, so invest your time to create a perfect spot for yourself and your friends. The home bar adds a decorative and functional unit to the house and always looks very glamorous.

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