how to solve [pii_email_ed091850a13867385bea] error in 2021

Microsoft Outlook is a popular personal information manager. It is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Though it is known for being a desktop client, it has its support across various platforms like android and iOS. One of the key features of Microsoft Outlook is that you can manage different email accounts through this app.

Microsoft office is the most popular office suite software, and Microsoft outlook comes with the package. So if you have Microsoft Office installed on your pc, you are likely to use Microsoft outlook. Using it is a pleasant experience unless you stumble upon any error. And if any of the error code is [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff], you can easily solve it.

What is the [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error?

This is an error many users are facing, so you are not the only one. It can occur while sending an email through Outlook. This error can even cause to turn the mail into scam messages, which is worrisome.

The exact reason behind this error cannot be identified. An apparent reason might be the multiple email services clashing as you can manage more than one email service through Outlook.

Bug encounters are a very common issue in cases of pc software, and any bug might also be behind this. Whatever it is, now I am going to discuss a step by step approach to solve it.

How to Fix [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] Error on Microsoft Outlook

1. Update Outlook Client

This is the easiest and efficient solution for any kind of errors. However, you need to make sure whether any update is available or not. Usually, Microsoft auto-updates are versatile, but it can be a pain cause it might force restart your PC in situations you would never want.

Though it can be rescheduled, many people turn it off, resulting in missing many important updates. To check whether any update is available for Outlook or not, go to Settings> update & security> windows update. After navigating yourself to the windows update tab, it will show whether any update is prompted or not. If you can see there is any updates available, download and apply the update. It might resolve the error.

2. Check the Antivirus Software

Antivirus softwares can often have access to your PC and it can interfere with many software and utilities. Antivirus softwares can even identify anything as harmful as they deem so. If you have any antivirus software installed on your PC, go to the settings of that particular software, and there should be an option where you can mark Microsoft Outlook as safe or restrict the antivirus software from affecting Microsoft Outlook.

However, my personal opinion is to uninstall any third-party antivirus software because Microsoft Windows has a built-in antivirus program also known as ‘Windows Defender’, which is very effective.

The usage of third party antivirus software among regular users are decreasing because of how well Windows defender does the same job without charging anything extra. But if you use your PC mainly for financial reasons, you might consider a third-party antivirus software for additional security.

3. Inspect your email inbox

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, this might be a potential solution. Run an inspection in your Outlook inbox for any unknown files. Unknown files can be malicious and interfere with the communication system of Outlook, resulting in such error code.

It can also impose other security hazards. So once you find any sort of unknown file, delete it right away. Any by inbox, make sure you check everything including draft, sent, and outbox as well. It is recommended to delete anything that’s in the outbox.

4. Run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode

It is important to run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode to find out whether the solution mentioned above works or not. To run Microsoft Outlook in safe mode, navigate the mouse cursor in the search bar of Windows, click it, and type “outlook.exe/safe” and press enter.

After pressing enter, Microsoft Outlook will run in safe mode. Now check whether you can send or receive emails without encountering any error or not. If everything works just fine, your problem is fixed.

5. Repair Microsoft Outlook

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked, you need to assume is that the PST file is broken. PST elaborates as Personal Storage Table files. It contains all the relevant data regarding the email, calendar information, and other personal details regarding the email services. You cannot modify this file as it is controlled by Microsoft itself and for security reasons.

The only fix for it is to repair Microsoft Outlook. To repair Microsoft Outlook, click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner and go to settings. Then you will find an option named apps and features and click on it. You will find a list where all of the installed apps on your PC will be displayed.

Find Microsoft Outlook from the list, click on it, and you will find an option named ‘modify’. Click on modify and choose repair online, then click on the Repair button. Wait for the progress to be done, and Windows will automatically detect the problem and repair it.

It might take a couple of minutes, depending on how fast your PC is. After the repair process is done, your pc might automatically restart. If it does not, restart manually, and you should be able to use Outlook without any problem.

6. Reinstall Windows

The above-mentioned methods are most likely to solve the error, and you won’t be required to read this method at all in most cases. But if those methods do not work, this is the last resort, which is to reinstall windows.

Reinstalling Windows is quite easy, and you will find plenty of tips online about it.

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Final Words

In conclusion, the [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff] error is 100% solvable. In this article, I have discussed every possible solution to this error, and you will surely be able to solve your problem by following the methods discussed above.


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