How will you choose the perfect sunglasses?

Eyewear stores offer hundreds of brands of authentic sunglasses for men, women, and children. Some popular brands like prada sunglasses attract people immediately and make them feel proud for owning a pair. Sunglasses add mystery to your persona and make it harder for people to read your eyes. You can combine your outfit with sunglasses to make a fashion statement. Though sunglasses serve as a fashion statement, their primary purpose is to block out the UV rays.  Sunglasses come in different shapes, styles, and hues, but you can never have enough of them.

Sunglasses to suit your face

Sunshades can transform your look. The shape of the sunglasses should match the shape of your face. Consider your face shape, hair colour, and skin tone before buying eyewear to protect yourself from the hot sun.

Face shape

When you have a round face shape, your sunglasses should have a lengthening effect on your face. Avoid round glasses with narrow frames as they will emphasise the roundness of your face. Dark frames can narrow your face. Oversized or aviator frames are a good choice for round faces.

When the form of your face is oval, it is best to highlight the harmonious proportions of your face. Ensure that the frame is not wider than your face, with no prominent edges, and the upper portion is not beyond your eyebrows. Retro-shaped rims look great on an oval-shaped face.

Square face shapes need frames that can soften the overall facial proportions. Round or oval shapes balance the features perfectly. Oversized, round sunglasses can give the square face a flattering look.

Heart-shaped faces are narrow at the jawline. The sunglasses should balance out the width at the top of your face. Frames that are wider on the top can make you look like a real fashionista. Square glasses or cat eye would be the best.

Skin tone

It would be best if you bought sunglasses that complement your skin tone. If your skin tone is light, opt for darker shades of brown, green, and gold. Medium skin tones allow you to play around with striking hues. Dark skin tones look good with bright gold, brown or neutral shades.

Hair colour

Light coloured hair looks good with dark brown or dark grey sunglasses. Blue, green, or black sun shades suit amber shades of hair. You may be tempted to wear pastel or light shades with dark coloured hair, but only secondary hues can instantly enhance your appearance.

Matching sunglasses with your outfit

The shade of your sunglasses must complement the outfit you wear. It need not be an exact match, but the colours should blend in together. All other accessories you wear like scarves, jewellery and headbands must complement the sun shades. If you like to play around with style and colours, you must own more than one pair of sunglasses to experiment with different looks. Sunshades can make you look glamorous, trendy, sophisticated, or attractive.

Long hours in the sun without proper sun protection for your eyes can lead to several eye-related problems. Some brands like the Ray-Ban or prada sunglasses provide 100% UV protection to your eyes. Look at the label to find out whether the sunglasses can protect you against UVA and UVB rays. It should block 75% – 90% visible light 99% of UV radiation. Sunglasses that offer 100% UV ray block can safeguard you from all health risks associated with the eyes.

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