In the Amazing World of Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is not really a very common term that gets used in common writings or spoken English. If anyone not familiar with the topic matter, they would not even know what in the world is ghost mannequin photography! You are expected to find blank look or raised eye brows when the term ghost mannequin photography is mentioned. Not surprising as the term itself is not used outside its scope. Never the less, the term used in commercial photography and eCommerce all the time. The term not only gets used all the time, in fact, there are certain businesses that live and breathe ghost mannequin photography. So, what is it?

Ghost Mannequin Photography: I see A Ghost

The term ghost mannequin photography has the term ghost incorporated to it for a reason. There is a ghost in it. Just like a ghost, if there is any, no one can see it. Ghost in the ghost mannequin photography is the same, the ghost cannot be seen. Or it is seen in the form it is supposed to be in.

I ghost is supposed to be invisible and no one is supposed to see it hence the name ghost. If everyone can see someone, then that person cannot be a ghost. As a ghost doesn’t have any shape or form. It takes the shape of form of the garments it wears.

In ghost mannequin photography, certain clothing item is placed on a mannequin for product photography. Once the product photography is done, it is then handed over to clipping path service providers for ghost mannequin editing. Clipping path service providers cut out the mannequin or cut out the product from the mannequin. Then also join the cut pieces together and do extensive retouching to form a ghost looking image. Once the clothing item is photographed and properly edited, you literally see a ghost wearing the cloth. Well, you don’t really see a ghost, but it appears to be a ghost without a body or face wearing a clothing.

Why Clipping Path Service is Needed for Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin clothing images don’t take its shape or form like a ghost just by itself. There are extensive measures taken to make it happen.

First, a commercial product photographer shoots the product photography for the project. A clothing display mannequin is clothed with the desired clothing item. Once the mannequin is dressed, and it is the same process for each and every single clothing item that will need to be promoted, product photography is then taken.

Photographer then selects the images that are edit ready images that need to be edited. These images are then handed over to clipping path service providers. While a commercial product photographer is skilled enough or have the right number of skills to perform the ghost mannequin editing, they don’t have the tie to do so. It is an extensive time-consuming process that takes a lot of work hours. If there are hundreds of images requiring to be edited, then the photographer can by no means make those hours available. It is therefore efficient to outsource this part of the job to clipping path service providers

Image retouching studios work on editing the images. Reason clipping path is needed for the job is because the actual clothing item that is dressed on a mannequin is that we need for the product promotion. The mannequin is used for the dressing process to hold the cloth, such as a shirt or a pants, in shape.

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