Instagram relies on AI for providing a more pleasing and comfortable experience to its users

Even the best content posted on Instagram will be meaningless if it fails to attract users who like the content and express their fondness for it by providing likes and comments. Knowing the techniques of gaining visibility is crucial for succeeding across social media platforms. Besides posting high-quality images and videos on Instagram, promoting it tactfully will garner more likes, most of which originates organically.  To get the most from your Instagram account, you must pay undivided attention to what your followers like and dislike so that you can determine the type of content that would be an instant hit with them. It means that you must have a complete understanding of the audience’s mind that influences their choices but keeps changing with time. What your target audience or followers like today may change at any moment and affect the popularity of your account.

Understanding the audience is essential for users and Instagram to ensure that it can provide the best user experience by serving the most relevant and exciting content. Users mainly rely on various audience research techniques and use various analytical tools to understand what the audience wants. It helps them devise suitable strategies for engaging with the audience in the best way. While organic engagement should be the target, to speed up the process, users can get 20 Instagram likes for a small sum of money that gives an instant boost to the campaign. As long as the likes have real people behind them, it is a great way to generate engagement.

Technology-driven algorithms

Instagram supports users’ efforts by using advanced technology so that the content gains better visibility that paves the way for gaining popularity. The platform plays a critical role in upholding the content in front of users in the most attractive manner to generate the desired engagement. Since the audience is keen to engage with the right type of content they most like, the platform’s task is to ensure that the audience can view the preferred content in their feeds. It means that Instagram must research the audience to understand its behavioral traits to pick the most relevant items and serve them in their feeds. With more than a billion users of Instagram, the task is stupendous. To tackle it efficiently, Instagram uses various technologies that form the backbone of the algorithms that monitor and analyze user behavior.

Handling Big Data

Tracking each interaction of all users of Instagram involves handling a massive volume of data. Huge might not be the proper adjective to comprehend the data volume. Instead, a better way to describe the magnitude of the volume of data would be to accept that Instagram handles Big Data. This expression describes the enormity of the data it handles every moment.  Instagram uses various technologies to manage data that generates continuously at an astronomical rate due to the countless interactions of users that keep happening round the clock.

Peeping into the users’ minds

Gathering such enormous data is a huge task, and more complex is tracking and analyzing the data of individual users. To handle the Herculean task efficiently, Instagram makes extensive use of machine learning and artificial intelligence that can provide valuable insights into the minds of users that influence their online behavior and choices. It provides valuable information that can be useful to devise strategies for serving the most relevant content to the satisfaction of every user.

In addition to understanding users, AI and machine learning help Instagram to provide a much better user experience by screening content to weed out spam and cyberbullying that can mar user experience.

Dealing with spam

Although Instagram wants to provide the most relevant and valuable content in the user feeds, the problem of spam content creeping into the feed is detrimental for users who feel being let down. Since wide sharing of content happens across the Instagram platform, it is natural that some spam content can sneak through the strong network of surveillance and play spoilsport for the audience. However, Instagram deploys AI in its Deep Text algorithm to detect spam messages by using the power of text analytics. It is a spam filter capable of detecting spam messages in more than 9 languages that include Chinese and Arabic besides English. The algorithm can understand the context of the message in the same ways as humans but does the job more consistently and without any errors as it eliminates any bias that can happen if humans do the job.

Dealing with distasteful comments and cyberbullying

It is hard to find anyone who has not been a victim of cyberbullying at some point when using the social media platform. Trolling, the most common form of cyberbullying is a big threat for social media users.  Teenagers especially let themselves loose on social media platforms. Even other people take to cyberbullying by targeting someone they want to hurt and humiliate publicly without any valid reasons. Instagram uses AI techniques to weed out cyberbullying from its platform by identifying any offensive or distasteful text early and nips it in the bud.  It can mostly happen when others comment about your content. Buying Instagram followers from that has real people behind it will significantly reduce the possibilities of cyberbullying.

Crisis communication

The Covid19 pandemic has proved the stellar role played by social media companies once again by harnessing Big Data’s power to keep people connected during any crisis. Instagram has become an authentic source of information during the pandemic. By using machine learning and AI, Instagram has provided only authentic information to its users by filtering out unreliable information and sensational news that can mislead people.

By keeping a close tab on the content that appears on the platform, Instagram has become one of the most trusted social media platforms that keep delighting its users by proper use of technology. It is valuable for personal and commercial branding and delivers high results to users.

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