iRobot Roomba 652: outdated model or a more practical option?

The iRobot Roomba 652 robot vacuum is yet another very popular model in the iRobot’s 600 series. It was actually one of the best-selling robot vacuums (see the TOP list) in 2016 due to its moderate price and operability. It’s somewhat a step up compared to the 614 model. 

Therefore, in this Roomba 652 review, we are going to look at some of the enhanced functionality and features that this model comes with and what makes it different from the 614 model above. 

Cleaning System 

Just like it’s counterpart above and almost all other iRobot’s models, the Roomba 652 utilizes a 3-stage cleaning system that’s made up of two rotating brushes, a specially designed side brush, and vacuum suction. 

There’s no change in the arrangement of the system either. The first stage is the edge-sweeping/side brush that rotates to provide wall to wall vacuuming coverage. 

The second stage consists of a similar set of rating brushes we mentioned in our iRobot Roomba 614 review. They sit at the center of the unit and equally rotate in opposite directions for effective cleaning results. 

The final stage of the process is the suction motor and like the 614, this one too offers 600 Pa of suction power which is strong enough to lift all debris and dirt into the bin. 

Therefore, there’s no change in the cleaning system. It’s the same highly effective 3-stage process and it means you can expect the same excellent and efficient cleaning capability like in the 614 model.  

Brushes and Their Cleaning Performance

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no difference between the cleaning system of the 652 and that of 614 models. The main cleaning head here is also the dual multi-surface brush roll.

It equally comprises of brushes, a large one featuring stiff bristles for loosening dirt and a smaller one consisting of soft bristles that pick up the dirt and debris.  

  1. Performance on Carpet

Considering that the larger center brush roll of this iRobot Roomba 652 robotic vacuum cleaner features stiff bristles, it’s highly effective at dislodging even deeply embedded dirt and debris from carpets. 

It will perform well on both low and medium-pile carpets plus the bristles areas not too stiff to pull up threads from your carpet. The dual multi-surface brush is also designed to adjust it’s automatically which allows it to shift from one carpet pile to another with much ease.

  1. Performance on Hard Floors 

The 652 like the 614 model shines too when it comes to cleaning hard floors and this again is due to the use of the highly effective dual multi-surface brushes. They don’t scratch the floor or leave marks behind.

Furthermore, the rotating side brush which is present in both units helps take care of dirt and debris that hide along walls, edges, and corners of the house hence facilitating a thorough wall coverage and cleaning.

This unit also measures 3.6 inches tall, so it has a low profile and can get under furniture and other places that are hard to access with a standard vacuum. The three caster wheels are as well smooth and gentle hence making the unit quite safe to use on delicate hard floors like hardwood floors.

  1. Pet Hair Removal

Pet hair removal capability of this iRobot Roomba 652 robot vacuum is just as good as that of the Roomba 614. The strong suction power and wider inlet do a great job at sucking up pet hair, long human hair and other things like lint and carpet fuzz from the floor and the brushes. Therefore, it’s also quite a reliable machine for pet owners. 

Dirt Detection

The dirt detection technology has not been changed either. It’s still the same Dirt Detect technology that utilizes acoustic sensors which are equally capable of identifying dirty areas including those areas that are highly concentrated with dirt and take its time in those spots to ensure they are completely cleaned.

Precise Navigation System

Navigation is one of the areas that sets apart the Roomba 652 from the 614 model. While both units feature the iAdapt navigation technology that allows them to adapt to your home, the 652 model has been further reinforced with the iRobot’s virtual wall navigation technology making it even more efficient than its counterpart.

With this particular feature in place, the 652 gives you extra control over the rooms you want it to access and clean plus the order it should clean them. 

You can create invisible walls which the unit won’t cross using the virtual wall navigation system. That’s a big plus given that the 614 model simply starts cleaning randomly and continues to all rooms within a single floor. 

Cliff Detect Sensors

The iRobot Roomba 652 robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped too with the same cliff detect sensors found in the Roomba 614, so it will sense significant floor level changes and avoid them. In other words,  it’s not going to fall down the stairs or tumble over drop-offs.

The climbing threshold is 0.59 inches which is slightly lower than the 0.63 inches of the 614 model but enough to allow the unit easily go over flooring transitions of different thickness.

Scheduling Function

Another major upgrade from the Roomba 614 besides the virtual wall navigation system is the scheduling function. This is an advanced feature that’s not only time saving but also gives you great convenience because you can preset the machine to clean on your schedule. 

You can schedule it to clean up to 7 times a week and it’s intuitive and simple. The unit comes with a schedule button along with other 3 separate buttons for minute, hour and day.

Therefore, you can easily set different cleaning schedules for the week and the machine will automatically clean the house based on the preset schedule without requiring any further assistance from you. The Roomba 614 doesn’t support this function. You have to manually start it to make it clean your home.

Dust Bin and Filtration System

The 652 features a 300 ml dust bin and with that of the 614 having a capacity of 600 ml, this one is a big downgrade. However, it’s enough to clean several rooms before you can empty it since it has no self-emptying capability which also lacks in the Roomba 614 model.

As for the filtration system, the unit uses the same AeroVac filter we saw in the 614. It will trap fine dust particles but it’s not as effective as a HEPA filter when it comes to removing allergens plus the unit does not come with a full bin indicator just like the 614.

Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion battery has been used in powering both of these models and as I mentioned in the iRobot Roomba 614 review, this is a much superior and efficient battery compared to the Ni-Mh batteries. 

However, the 652 model utilizes a 2600 mAh battery while the 614 model uses an 1800 mAh battery. Therefore, 652 battery offers a better runtime since it can go for up to 1½ hours while that of the 614 model can only last for 1 hour. 

It does take an hour longer to charge though and like the 614 model, it automatically recharges itself without any assistance. The best part is that it can recharge and resume cleaning which is a function that’s not present in the 614 model. 


From our a Roomba 652 review you can clearly see that the 652 model is equipped with several advanced features that are lacking in the Roomba 614 model.  

Even so, it does fall short in certain areas. For instance, the AeroVac filter which is also present in the 614 model is not as effective as a HEPA filter and thus renders this model unsuitable for those that suffer from allergies.

Besides, there’s no full bin indicator and just like the 614 model, it cannot connect with wi-fi or be controlled via a smartphone. You will also have to empty the bin manually like in the 614 as both models don’t feature a self-emptying capability.  

iRobot Roomba 614 vs iRobot Roomba 652 – which is the best?

What Both Models Have

  • The Roomba 614 and 652 both utilize iRobot’s patented 3-stage cleaning system which means both units can provide an ideal cleaning performance.
  • Both units are equipped with the iAdapt technology hence can identify your floor plan and adapt to it to ensure efficient cleaning results.
  • iRobot’s patented Dirt Detection technology is incorporated in either model too and as such both are able to identify and pay extra attention to the area with high dirt concentration.
  • The 614 and 652 are equally equipped with Auto-Adjust cleaning head that automatically adjusts its height tp enable the multi-surface brushes to access various floor surfaces.
  • Cliff detect sensors are also present in both units hence they won’t fall off stairs
  • Both units come with AeroVac filters and side brushes
  • Both units are designed to auto-dock themselves for recharging and utilize Lithium-Ion batteries

The Difference in Both Models

  • Roomba 652 supports scheduling which makes it highly convenient at you can set it clean the house throughout the week. Roomba 614 features no scheduling option. 
  • Roomba 652 has the virtual wall navigation system, which is very helpful as it gives you the ability to limit or control room access. The Roomba 614 does not support this function.
  • The dustbin of the Roomba 614 is of larger capacity than that of the 652. It’s a 600 ml dust bin while that of the 652 has only 300 ml capacity.
  • The 652 can recharge and resume cleaning while for the 614, you have to restart the cleaning manually.

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