Is it Possible to File Form 2290 Online?

Thanks to technology and the internet, filing tax forms has never been easier. Unlike the manual method of filing which can be confusing and time-consuming, you can now file your form 2290 and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) online.

Form 2290 must be filed by truckers who own a vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more. Virtually any free tax filing program will allow you to file form 2290 online as long as it is a trusted IRS authorised e-file service provider.

Every form 2290 taxpayer needs to be aware of certain eligibility criteria which are stated as follows:

  • If you own a vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more , you are required to file form 2290.
  • Along with this, if your commercial vehicle has covered a distance of 5,000 miles in a tax year(7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles), then you must file form 2290 and pay the HVUT amount .

For submission of HVUT, the taxpayer can choose one among the 2 options i.e., electronic filing and paper filing. Most people go for an e-filing option as it is very convenient. So for e-filing of tax, the taxpayers can follow the given steps. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Register with To file the tax the person needs to take the help of the e-filing partner. Go with one of the most trusted and reputable e-filing partners. The person can easily get registered on this platform and can receive all the updates regarding the taxes through emails or text messages. This is how different people are made aware of information regarding Form 2290.
  • Provide business details: The person needs to provide all the information regarding the business at the time of e-filing. You must provide details such as business name, address, EIN, ZIP code, city, state, and country. all the details should be corrected and filed appropriately.
  • Information regarding signature authorities: The taxpayer needs to provide the details regarding the signing authority. You must provide the name, title, phone number, address, and PIN. The PIN is a 5-digit unique number allotted to every person. Make sure all the information added is correct by cross-verifying everything.
  • Third-party designee details: If there is the involvement of a third-party designee, the taxpayer needs to select the yes option else go for no option. All the details regarding the third party are required like name, phone number, and address needs to be submitted at the time of the form filling. A Third-party is an individual that is authorized to speak with the IRS if there is any issue.
  • Choose filing types: The taxpayer needs to select the option of the filing type. If they have one truck, they can go for a single truck entry. If there are multiple trucks, go for multiple truck options. It will help in filling for multiple tracks in one application form only.
  • Additional business details: The taxpayer needs to provide all the details regarding the new or existing business of the owner apart from trucks. All the required information needs to be submitted in the form 2290.
  • Filing details: The taxpayer needs to specify the tax period for which the tax payment is done. If it is the first used month of the vehicle, do mention details regarding it at the time of application.
  • Vehicle details: Most importantly, the taxpayer needs to provide information regarding the vehicle like VIN, gross taxable weight, and the tax amount that needs to be paid. The taxpayer needs to ensure that all the details are correct. There is very little chance of any mistake committed during the filing of this information.
  • Tax summary: It is very important to review the overall information provided in the form carefully for at least one time. This review will ensure that there is very little chance of error in the filing of the form.
  • Payment options: Lastly, the person needs to select the payment mode of the tax. In online payments, the e-filing partner provides multiple options like Electronic Fund Withdrawal, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, debit/ credit card, and even money order. According to the convenience, the taxpayer can select the mode of the tax payment.
  • Pay the filing fees: Even the taxpayer needs to pay for the fees charged for the e-filing of the tax.
  • Get schedule 1: Once the taxpayer form is submitted and accepted by the system of the IRS. The person will receive the stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 within few minutes. It is one of the most convenient ways to get proof for the tax payment.

For the smooth flowing of the e-filing process, better be under the guidance of an e-filing partner which will provide all the details taxpayers require. Just keep an eye on the due date of the HVUT.

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