Is Your Dog Down with an Infection? Read on to Know the Potential Causes!

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In this article, we discuss how pet dogs develop bacterial infections and some of the treatment methods vets recommend. Be cognizant of your dog’s discomfort and pain so you can apply a quick fix and/or seek specialist help.

How do bacteria invade your pet’s body?

Bacteria may infect any part of your dog’s body. They can enter your dog’s bloodstream through a cut/scrape/wound or mucous membranes of the nose/mouth/eyes, causing infection in any body part.

Root causes of bacterial infections!

Poor immunity

Pets are prone to infections at any time, but especially when they are sick or already suffer from any of the chronic diseases. Whereas, healthy dogs have a strong immune system and don’t give in to the bacterial invasion as easily.


If your dog doesn’t eat a well-balanced meal, then expect it to contract infections at some point. Adequate nutrition is necessary to strengthen the body’s resistance to diseases. Ensure you provide your doggy with suitable amounts of top-quality food at proper meal intervals.

Age factor

As your dog grows old, it is more susceptible to infections because of reduced physical activity and appetite, and weaker immune system responses. These bacterial infections aggravate any existing health complaints your pet has been experiencing.


If your doggy is enduring a skin allergy, then it is at high risk of contracting a skin infection. The reason is dogs keep scratching whenever they itch, damaging the outer skin layer. This wound could be a perfect entry point for malicious bacteria.

No physical activity

Having absolutely no exercise or lacking any real exercise deteriorates your pet’s health. Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping bones, joints and muscles moving is essential for your dog to stay as fit as a fiddle. If your dog’s weight is moving towards obesity, it can lead to diabetes mellitus and a lot of other infections.

Mental stress

If you find your dog stressed out and depressed, take countermeasures immediately. Prolonged anxiety can make your dog sicklier and more vulnerable to bacterial invasions.

Other medical issues

If your pet is suffering from any other illnesses, then the immune system needs to tackle multiple conditions at a time. The immune response is fractured when your pet’s immunity has to fight foes from different directions.


It is always advisable to contact the vet once you notice symptoms or any potential issues. The vet can prescribe oral antibiotic medications to ease the symptoms and/or may suggest a diet and exercise change. If it is a bacterial skin infection, your vet may also suggest some ointments for topical application and shampoos to be used while bathing your dog.

If the vet isn’t able to initially diagnose the type of infection your pet is suffering from, she or he may take urine, skin, eyes/ears, discharge samples and more then send them across to a lab for testing. Sometimes, the lab technicians need to culture the samples to check if it is resistant bacteria or not.


Having pet health insurance is surely a money saver for you in getting your pet the best medical help. Dog insurance from NZ can assist you with vet visit costs plus the pathology and prescription bills. Additionally, upgrade to a more cat insurance NZ plan if your dog is exhibiting some dental issues, so you can cover them too.

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