Islami Banks are now in the hands of information technology

Islami Bank is making maximum use of information technology so that people can get services quickly. Agent branches and sub-branches are playing a pivotal role in bringing digital banking services to the grassroots. Many of the customers say that the bank’s sub-branch has become a blessing to the commoner.

All types of banking services, including opening bank accounts, depositing and withdrawing money, keeping deposits, loan facility, depositing utility bills, are available in these agents and sub-branches of the bank located near the local market or home. According to the Bangladesh Bank, the number of new customers, deposits, and loans increases day by day.

The benefits that customers will get due to the digitalization of Islami Bank

On the other hand, due to low management costs, banks are also becoming more interested in setting up agents and sub-branches. Bankers say it is becoming possible to deliver banking services directly to the general public who are out of financial services at low cost through agents and sub-branches. Again no additional fees or charges are being imposed on the customers. As a result, the services of the sub-branch are becoming more and more popular day by day. Bangladesh Bank says it has taken various initiatives to bring people out of financial services under the banking facility.

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As part of this, agents and sub-branches have been allowed to open. Banking services are also going to people’s doorsteps through this. This is accelerating financial inclusion. Employment in this sector is also increasing. An agent branch is a branch under the supervision of a local entrepreneur to conduct banking transactions in a branch. In this case, the branch and zonal office agent supervises the branch. 4 in the agent branch

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