Johanna Lamm and The Non-Profits She Has Served in Minneapolis

Johanna Lamm is a woman of action. As a former Clinical Psychologist turned life coach, Lamm believes that everyone has the power to transform their lives and reach their goals. She helps her clients heal from trauma using a holistic approach covering body, mind, and spirit. Her insatiable hunger for knowledge pushes her to continue learning new coaching techniques and gaining different perspectives. 

When away from work, she also helps non-profits through acts of service. Lamm volunteers with Humanize My Hoodie, an organization that aims to counter racism, and Her Purpose, a non-profit that assists disadvantaged young women.  

Humanize My Hoodie

This movement was galvanized by the desire to end the senseless killing of Black and Indigenous People worldwide. The organization recognizes that hoodies have become part of the myth of Black criminality. It aims to debunk the stereotype through revolutionary social justice campaigns that humanize these targeted sectors. 

Using fashion to spark conversation, Humanize My Hoodie helps Black people stand up against all forms of racial injustice. The organization provides educational tools that show marginalized communities innovative strategies to uplift themselves. It provides jobs for poor young people and opportunities for others, such as Johanna Lamm as a life coach, to become allies. 

Humanize My Hoodie gives a platform for the formerly incarcerated to show who they are beyond their criminal record. It has also given hoodies to communities that have experienced hate. Behind the organization are highly driven individuals who see the injustice and want to make a difference. 

They include academics and designers who see the potential of fashion activism to spread the message. They’ve produced a documentary about the movement. They’re also conducting ally workshops for those who want to run a student-led online tutoring network. There is an online shop that sells HMH merchandise.  

Johanna Lamm’s Purpose

This organization aims to develop the confidence of young women by helping them build healthier relationships. It supports women as they commit to leading a healthy lifestyle, getting out of their comfort zone, nurturing a positive outlook, and achieving independence. 

Her Purpose is keen on promote respect among members of the community. It is a self-designated, no judgment zone where everyone is accepted for who they are, including their life choices, opinions, and styles. It wants to empower everyone through love, friendship, and patience. 

Her purpose is to build a community where people invest in each other to foster healthy relationships that push them to achieve their maximum potential. The organization also values integrity and honesty in all situations. Among its programs is the provision of safe housing for young women coming out of adverse circumstances. 

They can also provide food, clothing, counseling, career guidance, job training, legal assistance, financial management classes, life coaching, etc. Her purpose is a perfect fit for Jo Lamm since her life coaching practice is focused on women and their development.  

Life Struggles

While suffering is not something anyone would wish for, it does provide some upsides, such as developing empathy for those in similar circumstances. Johanna Lamm devotes her time volunteering at these non-profit organizations because she knows what it’s like to be vulnerable. 

Being a highly educated psychologist also makes her a well-informed professional who can use traditional tools to help people heal. She has encountered countless patients with a diverse range of pathologies in her clinical practice. Her experiences in this field ground her knowledge and give her practical tools for dealing with trauma. 

However, her genuine care for people truly makes her compelling. 

Lamm’s Career Shift

Despite having a flourishing career as a psychologist, Jo Lamm wanted to brand out and pursue a different path. Clinical work had several limitations, such as the amount of time a professional can work with patients and the treatments they could use for each case. The work also forced professionals to highlight pathology or the nature and effects of diseases. 

Meanwhile, Johanna Lamm wanted to take a more positive approach to healing and personal development. She views the mind, body, and spirit as having solid connections that cannot be ignored. She believes that her life coaching clients can get better outcomes by tackling all of them together. 

What started as a bold experiment has become a successful new career. After leaving her life as a Clinical Psychologist, she started to take on life coaching clients that were referred to her by her professional contacts. These clients, in turn, referred more people to her until these referrals filled her schedule with meetings. 

She has chosen to focus on women because she feels passionate about helping them find their voice and take up space. She wants them to believe in their capabilities and achieve their dreams. With her support, clients can identify the things holding them back, develop ways to overcome them, and reach previously impossible goals.  

Johanna Lamm’s eagerness to help these non-profit organizations is understandable given her background. She is a person who advocates for social justice and personal development. Johanna Lamm is not content with simply standing by when she knows that she has the valuable skills and knowledge to make a difference. 

In both her chosen career and her volunteer work, she pulls people up and supports them so that they can live their best lives. Lamm never stops learning through books and training courses to add more tools to her arsenal. Each year, she gains deeper insights, new perspectives, and valuable experiences that she generously shares with others.

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