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(Huawei Watch Fit test: the connected watch that thinks of itself as a bracelet)


While Huawei has so far only offered round connected watches, the manufacturer has launched a new version with a rectangular screen: the huawei fit watch. Here is our full test with its new Watch Fit; Huawei offers a connected watch in the original format. Enough to offer a watch that is inspired both by the design of the Apple Watch and which, while in length, also reminds the format of a connected bracelet. If you want to buy this watch online then it’s very easy to buy just click through the upper highlighted link and directly you will go on our website. Read more interesting thing about Huawei watch.


For two years, Huawei has accustomed us to a very classic watch format, which has become a habit with the manufacturer according to the different versions of its Huawei Watch GTs. With the Watch Fit, however, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to change direction. Exit the classic round format of previous watches, the Huawei Watch Fit sports a more square design. Be careful, however, this is not an angular watch, on the contrary. In some ways, the Watch Fit is even much more rounded than the Watch GT. It must be said that nothing protrudes from the watch, with very rounded edges, like the Apple Watch. Huawei’s model also seems to be clearly inspired by that of the Huawei Company. It must be said that despite its square design, the Apple Watch is today largely the market leader. Logic in this case that Huawei seeks to be inspired by it.

On the material side, Huawei has chosen brushed aluminum borders for the contours, and a screen covered with a slightly curved glass surface, qualified as 2.5 D. In fact, it will be noted nevertheless that on each side of the l screen, black borders are clearly visible. We would have appreciated taking advantage of a greater immersion in the display of the watch. Regarding the buttons, here too Huawei has decided to change its approach. Completed the two keys present on the Watch GT range, the Huawei Watch Fit integrates only one button on the right side used both to access the menus and to start a workout and the button, while length, is relatively discreet, but remains easy to access. Overall, while its Watch GT smart watches are clearly inspired by traditional watch watches in terms of design, the Watch Fit is far from being. Here we have a watch halfway between the connected watch and the sports bracelet. An approach that is particularly noticeable with the elongated aspect of the screen, but also with the lightness of the Watch Fit – only 21 grams on the scale – and the silicone bracelets offered by the brand. Here, more than ever, the watch is tailored for sport: its 5 ATM water resistance testifies to this.


As we have seen, the Huawei Watch Fit has a screen that is not round, but square. The display is offered here with a screen diagonal of 1.64 inches and a definition of 456 x 180 pixels. What to enjoy a screen with a ratio and a display density of 326 pixels per inch. It’s a little below the 400 dpi that we generally find on smartphones, but it’s still enough to take advantage of its watch, especially since it is a secondary screen. You won’t spend hours reading content on it.

  • For screen technology, Huawei has chosen, as often, the Amoled a particularly relevant choice to be able to enjoy infinite contrast and vivid colors on the screen. It must be said that the menus and most of the Watch Fit screens are on a black background. In fact, turning on the screen should not consume too much battery, the black pixels remaining off on this display technology.
  • In terms of brightness, the Watch Fit screen is efficient… very efficient… too efficient. The watch is equipped with a light sensor which will allow the light output of the screen to be modified. Thus, in direct sunlight, you will have no trouble viewing the content displayed on the watch. It is also possible to set a manual brightness, between 1 and 5. Where the shoe pinches is in low light conditions, as is often the case. During my two weeks of testing, I often dozed off in my bed, before moving my arm and being woken up from my half-sleep by the light of the screen.
  • Even with the brightness setting at the lowest, the watch can turn out dazzling in complete darkness. Fortunately, Huawei offers a “do not disturb” mode which will stop the inadvertent lighting of the screen when you turn your wrist, but also stop notifications. To turn off the screen, the alternative is to put your palm on it. However, because the display goes to sleep every 5 minutes – I move a lot in my sleep – admit that it’s tedious.
  • Still concerning the screen, note that Huawei has integrated many dial options. There are thus 12 dials that are offered directly on the watch – two of which can be personalized – but more than a hundred others are available for download, all adapted to the square format of the Huawei Watch Fit screen.


In terms of software interface, despite the change in screen format, Huawei still relies on its in-house software interface, Lite OS. There is therefore no question for the Chinese manufacturer to offer watches with its new system, Harmony OS. In terms of functionality and navigation, those used to previous Watch GT watches will return to their habits without any problem. Some small adjustments are still to be expected, especially at the level of interactions. Unlike previous watches, you will not find two buttons on the edge, but only one. This change is however very easy to manage, since a new “training” menu appears when you press the button. Overall it’s very good looking and beautiful watch for wearing.

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