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Travel the world with English – Say Yes to learn English: a global language

Traveling abroad without knowing the local language can be very complicated. But today, there are more than 1.7 billion users worldwide, and English is the answer to international communication.

How is your English level?

  • Can you book a hotel and order food at the restaurant?
  • Can you talk to people about their culture?

Learn how our English courses provide you with all the skills you need for your next trip abroad.

Learn English for travel now

What is your English level when traveling around the world? Say “yes” to a world full of opportunities in English. “61% of junior learners are learning English lessons to travel the world.” 

Correct English skills

From elementary to advanced stages, the English courses of Fun Easy Learn focus on listening and speaking. This is an ideal choice for travelers because these two skills are essential when you go abroad.

In addition, our courses can help you Learn English the practical language you need, such as travel English vocabulary and phrases suitable for the following situations,

  • Purchase a transportation ticket
  • Ask for information about local tourist attractions
  • Book accommodation

You can learn these skills through practice, initially through interactive activities. You become very confident when communicating with others in real life, so when you travel, you are ready to interact with everyone.

Say yes to the future with good English skills

73% of people believe that English will become more important in the next 5 years and if you want to get knowledge globally then visit Learn English on Android through app in your own time

All of us have different learning speeds and different learning times. This is why we have created a course that can be fully personalized and adapted to your needs.


Learning English in free time can be considered a sacrifice, but the student’s experience of fun easy learns English is fun! The course revolves around an interesting phrases and topics, similar to the TV series which introduces you to several different accents of people from all over the world.

Say “yes” to the most effective way of learning

While continuing to develop and strive to improve, we have developed an effective method. This means you can guarantee that by choosing Well Speaking English by fun easy learn app, you will be able to speak English while traveling.

The opportunity to learn English is an amazing step towards achieving your goals. It opens many new doors for a better academic future, career or self-improvement.

Why is it important to learn English to enhance your travel experience?

The more English you can learn from FunEasyLearn on iOS, this effective way you will more enjoy your trip. Knowing the basics of English can make your daily pleasure and travel easy. When you travel, you will realize the importance of understanding language. If you understand the local language and have a relaxed conversation, you will not have to face many complications.

English is most widely used by people all over the world. Even in non-English speaking countries, it can save you, because people all over the world probably know at least English phrases. Have you ever struggled because you don’t understand English communication? Many people are working hard to learn English, so today there are several online and offline options available to them. From daily activities to travel and higher education purposes, English language skills have become more important than ever. In this guide, you will learn more why learning English is important to enhance your travel experience.

Why should travel enthusiasts learn English?

Are you a traveler who wants to explore the world? Has the language barrier affected your travel life? Here are the reasons why you should learn English to enhance your travel experience:

It builds confidence

You must be confident when traveling anywhere. When you can express your thoughts to the people you meet around you, your confidence will improve during your travels. When you learn English, you can get to know other people, understand their lifestyles and get everything easily

Ask for help in an emergency

Knowing English can save you in an emergency. Speaking English is very important to give accurate details in the context of overseas travel. If you don’t know your native language, you can speak English anywhere, including airports, hotels, institutions, public places, and even hospitals.

Make new friends easily

When you communicate easily, you can easily interact with others. You can easily meet more people, make friends, and even learn more about everything. You can also effortlessly interact with locals in tourist destinations and learn about their lifestyles.

Enjoy your independence

Language barriers can restrict your travel to various places. If your English is not good enough, you will have to rely on the tour guide. However, if you are proficient in one language, you can visit and explore places more freely.

The above reasons are very few among the many reasons. On the way, you will surely understand the importance of English. Today, according to reader’s requirements, there are several English courses specifically for beginners, advanced, business English, and oral English. If you want to improve your English language skills for effective communication, FunEasyLearn English course app can help you.

  • Skills for practicing English on travel
  • Learn basic phrases and sentences that you must use frequently.
  • Check out mobile apps to help you learn English easily.
  • Try to speak English instead of relying on your native language.

Many people do not learn English just because they have no enthusiasm for it. English has become a necessity, now is the time for you to communicate in English. From not having enough time to not wanting to learn English, there are several reasons that hinder you from improving your English skills.

Please pay attention to these reasons and don’t try to make excuses. Everyone can learn a language. All this is related to your passion! Spend some time on it, be patient, and improve your language skills.

How to learn from the easiest way through Fun Easy Learn App

It’s included in 15000 words and 15000 phrases, and 320 English topics 

We have developed an interactive app for you to make your practice easy and fun (FunEasyLearn is very different from other English courses). In addition, when practicing in a fun way, you will quickly notice the results. The choice of language content condenses the most commonly used English vocabulary, ignoring the less frequently used expressions and words. It’s a free language course. In addition, you have practical examples of all Basic English grammar. In this way, you can blend into the sentence-making method of this language naturally. This is why FunEasyLearn on iOS learning English courses allow you to study quickly and efficiently, starting from the most basic level.

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