Learn: How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

Organic site traffic has a great impact on traffic and conversions. If we can have a strong strategy and plan for marketing our site, we will increase our organic traffic by 16%.

Buy organic traffic to website shows how much you have been able to respond to your audience and how much users are looking for pages like your site.Check the site Filmy god

Also, although the visits are done only by search engines, it continues to play a key role in the life of the website.

Let’s consider a website that has a fledgling business and after a few months does not succeed in finding its target audience. If we still think that this business is going according to a consistent routine, we certainly should not have high expectations in increasing sales.

The question that arises is how does this website develop a strategy to attract customers and what exactly does it do?

In this article, we want to answer this question and have solutions to increase the site organically.

  • What is organic traffic?
  • Why Organic Site Traffic Matters
  • How to View Organic Website Traffic
  • Optimize pages for users, not search engines
  • Create a blog

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is a term used to describe website visitors through search engines (the main channel of inbound traffic to a site) and paid advertising.

When a user types a query (request) into the Google or Bing search engine, a set of results is displayed that includes pages ranked in the top position organically and paid searches, ads and even offline campaigns (can drive traffic Do) is.

The image below shows organic search and paid search. (Ads paid searches are displayed next to the site address)

Now when a user clicks on any of Google results and enters a site, an organic search is recorded in analytics tools (like Google Analytics).

Why Organic Site Traffic Matters

Users refer to the results displayed by search engines with a very specific purpose. That is, the user clicks on a link from the page to find his answer and creates that page conversion.

Organic traffic is the most important form of traffic that a website receives and is more important than the traffic generated through Google ads, social networks because it seeks the purpose of users and can generate a high percentage of traffic to the website. About 50% of site visits are through organic traffic)

As a result, if your web pages have a solution or response for users or follow a solid strategy and plan, organic traffic will go relatively higher (average rate 16%).

How to View Organic Website Traffic

Google Analytics is one of the tools you can use to monitor your organic traffic. Log in to Google Analytics via (ACQUISITION> ALL TRAFFIC> CHANNELS).

You should get organic traffic in the reports section and check its amount in each of the search engines (Google and Bing).

The second way is to go through the path (PERFORMANCE> SEARCH RESULTS) through your Google console and see the organic traffic of the site in the tab (QUERIES).

A nice feature of the Google Console is the number of visitors displayed for each keyword.

This page shows which pages an organic search site has received and how many visitors per page.

Finally, the analysis that you do in these two tools will suggest ways to increase traffic and you will gain more knowledge of the audience.

Optimize Pages for Users, Not Search Engines.

Because search engines determine the ranking of your results, many websites are looking to make the site attractive to search engines.

For example, they may be looking to get fake hits or get comments themselves to get higher rankings in search engines.

In fact, such a website can be successful in search engines, but it cannot figure out exactly which pages are useful to users or what strategy to follow. (Google pays attention to criteria such as bounce rate, user retention on the page, number of visits and other things, and finally ranks the pages)

Create a blog

Blogging can be amazingly beneficial for your business and helps you reach your target audience and generate organic traffic to your business.

With an active blog you can check and see what the topic and keyword you need to focus on right now and how to relate it to the main keyword of the site and pages. If you visit this site, you can buy Instagram followers easily.

If you can build Google ‘s EAT benchmark through your blog, that is, expertise, trust and authority, and publish your content regularly, organic traffic to your website consistently, and you will eventually achieve great results.

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