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Whether you are a film buff or not, you will probably have noticed the recent trend of films that are titled Loaded or Toxic. These movies are created by Paramount Digital Entertainment and have been praised by critics and fans alike for their unique storyline and cinematic quality.

Chasing Ghosts (2005)

Despite its flaws, the movie is still worth a look. In this film a detective (and the aforementioned mummy) is the center of attention as they navigate their way through a labyrinth of bad behaviour. The film is not without its flaws but the likes of Michael Madsen, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Meat Loaf have no shortage of sex and money. The movie may be a little dated but if you can overlook the drab visuals, you are in for a treat. Thankfully, it’s also not a chore to find a DVD or two. It’s also worth a look if you’re in the mood to watch something a little more cerebral than your average CSI episode.

The movie also features a slew of lesser-known actors including Lochlyn Munro and Patrick Kilpatrick. The movie’s star power isn’t quite as high as some of its predecessors, but it’s still a squeaker. The film’s best qualities include the film’s many highs and lows, a plethora of genuinely memorable characters and the oddball luck of the draw.

Loaded (2008)

Despite its skunky release date, this American teeming gem is the only game in town. It is not hard to find a mate on a first name basis but you need to be the kind of guy that isn’t afraid to stick your neck out. The best part about it is that he knows you by name. It is also a good test of character. Loaded is no slouch in the classroom. The film is a hoot to watch and a pleasure to be around. You won’t find this in most high school auditorys. It is certainly worth a look if you are in the market for a new toy.

Toxic (2008)

Despite being a cult film, Toxic has a commercially viable distributor. The Troma label, founded by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, specialized in raunchy, taboo comedies and splatterfests. Their intellectual property spread across comic books, video games, and television shows. They earned millions of dollars over the years.

The Toxic Avenger is a horror movie that features gross-out sexual scenes in bed. It also has a comic-booky tone and features Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four superhero Ben Grimm.

The film has a satirical layer of commentary that is outside the narrative. In addition, the movie is also a celebration of atypical forms of deviancy. It also contains a lot of homophobia, racism against Asian cultures, and other cultural sensitivities. It also features a layer of violence that is not based on empathy.

The Toxic Avenger is not as powerful as other Marvel blockbusters. It’s a horror movie that celebrates atypical forms of deviancy, but doesn’t really have much to do with empathy.

Paramount Digital Entertainment

Earlier this year, the Swedish video game company ProCloud Media filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures for breaching its contract. The lawsuit alleges that Paramount violated the terms of the deal, and has now fired the director of its Digital Entertainment department.

Paramount Digital Entertainment, the division of Paramount Pictures Corporation, distributes filmed entertainment across digital platforms worldwide. Paramount Pictures titles are available now on the ARCHOS CONTENT PORTAL. Movies Anywhere is an innovative digital movie collecting service that allows consumers to access their personal libraries across a range of platforms and devices.

Paramount Pictures is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. Paramount has a long history of creating hit films across numerous genres. Its catalog includes titles such as War of the Worlds, Rango, and “Rango.”

The company’s parent company is also responsible for the digitally-distributed movie “Rango the Video Game.” Paramount Digital Entertainment also launched the Windows Phone 7 enhanced movie app SCHOOL OF ROCK today.



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