Looking For Houses for Sale in Lakeland, FL? Find Out Why There Is Rapid Growth Of the City and People Constantly Moving To Florida!

The city of Lakeland in Florida gets its name from the 38 lakes located around it, making it an ideal vacation spot. It is located in the middle of Florida, between Tampa and Orlando, and is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state.

Florida is famous for its warm, tropical climate and the busy tourism sector in the area means that the housing market is doing very well in Lakeland. It’s calm and relaxed, providing a peaceful atmosphere that homeowners find incredibly attractive. Most residents of the area live in detached single-family homes, with apartments and mobile homes making up the rest of the demographic.

What Makes Lakeland So Attractive?

1. The abundance of Natural Attractions

There are plenty of parks and nature trails in Lakeland for hikers, cyclists, and joggers. There are also many playgrounds and skate parks for children, picnic sites for families, and dog-friendly parks for your furry friends.

The city is also very bike-friendly. The infrastructure has been upgraded in recent years to accommodate cyclists. This includes bike lanes that run along the lake shores, providing for a fantastic view.

Sailing happens to be one of the more popular pastimes. Numerous yacht services cater to corporates, families, and even functions such as parties, weddings, and much more. Smaller boats to accommodate couples and smaller groups are also available.

In addition, there are numerous beaches within driving distance of each other, so you won’t have to miss out on Florida’s beautiful sandy beaches.

2. Strong Arts Culture

From live concerts and orchestras to performing arts theatres, you will find that Lakeland has a wide variety of venues for creative artistic expression. Whether you are into band performances, dramatic stage plays, or classic symphony, there is virtually something to appeal to everyone’s taste.

The Polk Museum of Art, for instance, has plenty of exhibits on display. They often host events and offer educational programs for those who may be interested.

3. Active Entertainment Scene

Florida is a cultural melting pot that draws on various influences from all over the world. From classic American steakhouses to Italian, Latin, and Mediterranean restaurants, eating out will never be a dull affair.

There are dozens of bars and restaurants in the city of Lakeland, each offering a unique culinary and entertainment experience. Bars specialize in cocktails, wines, and jazz music. There are also local breweries that manufacture craft brews that any self-appreciating beer enthusiast will adore.

As for the sports fans, there are many local baseball, football, basketball, and soccer games to look forward to. Florida is also home to the Miami Dolphins, Orlando Magic, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you’re into golf, you’ll be glad to know there are about 17 golf courses in Lakeland. At 7,040 yards, Grasslands Golf & Country Club is the longest course in the region.

4. Affordable Houses for Sale in Lakeland, FL

Houses for sale in Lakeland FL, range from as low as $100k to over $1,000,000, with the median price range for a home standing at around $240,000.

Most households in the area are families living in 2 to 3 bedroom homes, but depending on style and needs, people looking to buy property in the area have the option of detached single-family homes in the suburbs, apartment complexes downtown, and even mobile homes by the lake.

Dixieland is probably the most popular neighborhood in Lakeland. They offer affordable homes in a safe environment with suburban comfort and the convenience of the city. The majority of the residents have children under the age of 18, making it a great neighborhood to raise a young family in.

There are over 200 schools in Lakeland, making it an ideal living place for families with children. There are pre-schools, elementary, middle, and high schools. Lakeland also has five colleges and three technical schools that accommodate students of all ages and backgrounds.

The Florida Southern College neighborhood is very popular with local college students due to its affordable rentals and proximity to learning institutions. There are plenty of bookstores and coffee shops, where students are often found when not in class.

The cost of living is relatively low, and its central location means that you can travel using public transport just as efficiently as if you had a personal car. It is an ideal living place for singles, young couples, and students.

Houses for sale in Lakeland, FL, are not just affordable; they are located in safe, convenient, tightly knit communities. Property taxes in Lakeland are lower than many other municipalities in the state, and there is no state income tax.

The cost of housing is lower than the US average by 30% while living costs happen to be 13% lower than the national average. It is no wonder the city is ranked among the top ten best places to live and retire in Florida.

Consider Living Or Retiring in Lakeland

The city of Lakeland has so much to offer. It has a rich art scene, and there are dozens of restaurants, bars, and breweries that offer a diverse selection of drinks and cuisines that will appeal to everyone.

Tourist attractions, entertainment spots, and recreational centers are all conveniently located within driving distance. You can visit various nature trails, parks, lakes, and beaches when you need to spend some time outdoors to relax.

Amenities such as schools, colleges, malls, antique shops, and so much more are readily available. Few places offer such a combination of natural beauty and the convenience of urban living. Lakeland is unique in this regard, which is why so many people are moving here.

Lakeland is a great place to make a home for families to students to singles, and young couples.

If you’re looking to buy property in the area, you will enjoy the tropical climate and various attractions that most people have to save up all year to access. With its strong sense of community, low crime rate, serene environment, and laid-back culture, you won’t regret living here at all, even for a moment.

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