Method to install a burglar alarm device

If we talk about normative acts, the main document stating the procedure for the installation and installation of technical means of security alarms. This is a normative act of non-security of the department on the one hand, if an alarm is not sent to the console, the OBO can be ignored. On the other hand, this document is intended to ensure the reliability and integrity of the vulnerability block. So it’s useful in every case.

In addition, the technical passport of the security device contains general instructions for installation and installation. As additional information the documentation for the detector or device will be very helpful for connection diagram Deviations from this manufacturer’s recommended version are unacceptable.

Alarm needs

  • The main requirement for security alarms is reliability. This is achieved by all organizational and technical measures, including:
  • The most complete definition of a place prone to penetration into an object.
  • The right choice of technical solutions to block them
  • Achieve the highest fault tolerance of the safety alarm system.

The first problem should be solved at the stage of drawing up technical requirements and system design. Developer experience and good knowledge of regulatory and technical documentation play a big role here. Each object has its own characteristics. Therefore, it does not make sense to give advice to those who are not here.

The second point implies the selection of devices that are optimal in terms of technical characteristics with the tasks solved in each case by the alarm system. Reliability is often increased with the simultaneous use of detectors of different operating principles. You can use a combination (combined) sensor.

Overall fault tolerance means a high requirement for the MTBF of all system components. The quality of the installation also plays an important role here. Electrical contacts have always been a weak point in an electrical circuit, also having the ability to deteriorate over time. Therefore, proper maintenance is a prerequisite for the reliable operation of a security system.

Two more points should be noted:

Exclusion of interference by unauthorized persons in alarm operation to disable individual sensors or the system as a whole the presence of the device’s self-diagnostic function for the timely detection of possible malfunctions and comprehensive compliance can increase the reliability and performance of the burglar alarm and its long-term trouble-free operation.

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The material presented on the website is for informational purposes only and cannot be used as an introductory document. A security alarm is a set of hardware and software designed to warn stakeholders of any attempt to enter a protected area without authorization. Today, many types of burglar alarms are widely used. They vary greatly in performance and features.

The main difference between alarm systems is the way the alarm is sent. There are the following types:

Automation In addition to the standard detection equipment the room also has sirens and flashlights. All external devices are connected to a single controller. In case of receiving an alarm from one of the detectors, the controller sends a command to activate the light and sound alarm. Depending on the settings, the alarm will be activated for 3-5 minutes during this time He will chase away thieves and attract the attention of neighbors, passers-by, or law enforcement agents.

Wireless automatic alarm

According to the system is connected to the security console. The control panel of such systems has a communication module that transmits information about unauthorized access to the security company’s control panel. 

Over the phone

Direct communication line stretching between the protected object and the building where the guard is located. Wireless transmission of infringement information can be done via a GSM modem over standard 900 or 1800. Signals are sent either by regular phone calls or by sending SMS messages based on a pre-programmed list of phone numbers.

Burglar alarm element

The burglar alarm consists of the following elements:

The burglar alarm sensor is an important device in the system. The industry produces a large number of models with different performance characteristics.

Installing the control unit

Installation of a central control unit for burglar alarms with small and medium data capacities. (It can accommodate from 1 to 5 loops) can be done outside a special room at a height of 2.2 m from the floor. If installed in a special room, 1.5 m is allowed. If the device is installed in a room with an open entrance, it must be laid in a metal cabinet with a lockable door. Do not install in a cabinet made of combustible materials or a location closer than 1 meter from a heat source (Heating system battery air conditioners etc.) Must be secured under screws through all 4 mounting holes

Installing cables and loops

The loop in the security alarm system represents an electrical circuit which includes all the outputs of the executive device the loop is connected to the central control unit. Alarm interrupting loop to loop this forces the control unit to generate instructions based on a defined algorithm – alarm or loop failure. Cable and loop installations are carried out with a single-core copper cable covered with polyethylene in a PVC sheath, in some cases to prevent electromagnetic interference. The cable is protected by a sheath made of coated aluminum foil.

Sensor installation

To maintain the behavior the alarm detector should be installed on a sturdy, rigid structure with minimal vibration. Installation is carried out on a truss that allows periodic inspection and, if necessary, maintenance when installing the detector It is not recommended to expose the enclosure to mechanical stress, shock, excessively curved wires in front of the terminal block. The location of the motion detectors in the room is strictly controlled. The optimal location creates the most effective overlap of the defense area with the least blind spots:

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