Microsoft Distributors Australia: 6 Legit Reasons to Consider Licensed Software

Is your company looking for new software? A recent survey shows that 96% of small and medium-sized Australian businesses own computers, whether they’re desktops, notebooks, or tablets, according to Statista. Selecting the right business software for your company is necessary to make it more productive, efficient, and profitable.

One of the best options is licensed software from suppliers like microsoft distributors australia. Today there are globally over one billion monthly active devices of Windows 10. When selecting Microsoft software, here are some of the top benefits of choosing licensed versions:

Usage Rights Information

This info is vital to make sure your employees and company are legitimately using the software. Software licensing can be somewhat complex, but a licensing distributor can help to sort out everything.

When purchasing software licenses, your company has a legal right in terms of how it can use the software. Having explicit knowledge about such issues can make it much easier to use the software during installation, updates, and upgrades.

Technical Help

A software licensing distributor can help provide technical help related to any software your devices use, including Windows 10, Azure, or Microsoft 365. Even when installing user-friendly software, there’s usually a steep learning curve as employees get used to using new operating systems, software suites, etc.

It’s not only important for your employees to get technical support, but also reliable support. This can help to guide employees effectively so they can get the best results from official software.

Other sources could be less reliable since they aren’t officially connected to the developer of cloud-based software, for example.

Better Reputation

If your company has licensed software, then this can improve your company’s legitimacy. Meanwhile, having unlicensed versions can have the opposite effect.

Updates and Security Patches

These are both important to make sure you’re using the latest versions of software. Updates are critical to guarantee the software runs as smoothly as possible and that you have all the latest functionalities it offers. These could become issues if you’re using old versions.

Security patches are also important to protect your company’s computing systems from malicious software (malware) and other security threats.

A 2020 study showed that the roles of Australian cyber-security workers had surged by over 55%, according to Upskilled. Besides hiring qualified IT staff, it’s also important to get patches that fix any security vulnerabilities your company has.

Meanwhile, if you have unlicensed software, you’re much more likely to experience hack attacks.

More Competitive

Your company can become more competitive by boosting your businesses’ IT with licensed software. This is one of the most practical ways you can compete better with other companies.

If your business is using unofficial software, for example, then it won’t experience benefits like automatic updates and security patches. This can make it tougher to compete with companies that have licensed versions.

Lower Risk of Online Theft

This is greatly due to licensed software having better security. Meanwhile, if you use unlicensed software, there’s a greater chance your company’s data could be stolen. This could include different information from computers, databases, etc.

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important types of information that companies protect today. IP is critical for companies of all sizes, so it’s critical to protect it erratichour.

The option to purchase licensed software from Microsoft distributors in Australia can provide a wide array of benefits. This includes ones related to your company’s IT, security, and reputation. The software can even provide financial benefits for your own business, licensing distributors, and the national economy.

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