Mistakes to avoid when creating t-shirt designs and customizations

Everyone is a fan of a great t-shirt design. However, when it comes to creating t-shirts and other apparel designs, there are a few considerations for you to think over. Keep in mind that some of the best t-shirt designs are simple, but the truth about simple designs is that you need to get it just right. Investing in an Epson garment printer could be the solution for you when thinking about implementing the suggestions below. We have gone over a few amateur mistakes in the following post to avoid while going for wholesale t shirt printing.

Consider the size

Have you seen the shirts with giant logos at the front? Yes, they look ridiculous, and no one can be too comfortable with the massive amount of ink on the fabric. When it comes to t-shirt designing, you need to keep in mind that the design should have the perfect dimensions. Yes, it would help if you thought about the size of the design depending on the design details, but there are other factors to consider as well. For example, you cannot have the same-sized logo for t-shirts of every size. You have to change the dimensions accordingly. Keep in mind that the size can make or break a design – so choose wisely.

Placement of the design

Once you have considered the design element and the size, you need to think about the placement of the design. The correct placement is a bit low on the chest, with the design element taking up the space front and center. When going for wholesale t shirt printing, remember that if you get the placement wrong, you will make the heads turn for entirely wrong reasons. For example, avoid belly prints at all times. Trust our experts; no one wants a pattern down there.

Pay attention to the font and the typography

Typography, in design terms, is simply the visual representation of the written word; in this case, a logo or motto. It is not the text itself but the design element. It brings us to the fonts, also known as the “typeface,” that will comprise the actual display. Choosing the right font will ensure that the letters are spaced out and legible and take care of the overall aesthetics. There are plenty of fonts to try out, so craft several mock designs and choose the best design.

Design composition

Simple designs, logos, and mottos are easy enough to brainstorm and craft. However, when it comes to more complex designs, you need to think about the composition. Composition is how you arrange the elements of a design concerning each other. Yes, we understand that composition is a matter of perspective to a designer, but there is a basic rule to this game that can improve any design dramatically. It is about creating the perfect balance. Avoid bunching up your design elements. Don’t space them out too much, either. It is all about the ideal middle ground.

The image quality

One of the main problems with customer-submitted images is the quality of the image files. Wholesale t-shirt printing is a great idea, but you need to be careful about submitting a high-res image if you look to submit pictures to a third-party designer and printer. Low-resolution images do not have the required pixel information to make a good quality print. You should also remember that image editing software and platforms can only help you a bit, as a low-res image will always remain of poor quality. Images for t-shirt printing need to be at least 200 dpi or higher to come out looking great in print.

About using colors

Color choices are vital, especially for design reasons. The more the number of colors, the higher is the cost. It means that you need to think carefully about the colors. If you are going for screen printing, then half tones are the best as the print is made from tiny dots. Halftones work like magic for multiple colors as well. Always choose from a small range of colors as choosing outlandish hues will only make a design look clownish. Additionally, remember about contrast when creating t-shirt designs. A strong contrast will make a design pop out on the shirt.

Design complexity

As stated at the start of this post, t-shirt designs are best when they are simple. Do remember that humans can only process a limited amount of information at a given time, and the wearer of a t-shirt is a moving target. So, a simple message will carry the message home better than any complex design or motif. Intricate designs though they might look busy, can work exceptionally well if you plan better. So, you can get carried away a bit with layering and stacking items on top of each other.

Now that you have a better idea about the mistakes to avoid while designing t-shirts, we hope you will have a great time creating your fashion line. Happy designing!

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