Moissanite diamonds are the best artificial diamonds

Diamond jewellery can be an expensive investment as such; many will want to consider the alternatives to diamond jewellery in the form of artificial diamonds. On option is to consider the purchase of moissanite diamonds, which are available in most forms of jewellery from moissanite diamond rings to pendants and ear rings. Here we will discuss some important information of the artificial diamonds like what are these, what are the properties and the refractive index.

What are Moissanite Diamonds

Moissanite is actually a naturally occurring mineral discovered by Dr Henri Moissan in 1893, a mineral with similar qualities that of natural diamonds. Unfortunately, naturally occurring deposits are so rare as to make the commercial feasibility of natural moissanite jewellery impossible. The initial deposit found had barely enough moissanite present to made a pair of moissanite ear rings, so rare is the material in its natural form.

However, years of research and development have allowed the production of man-made forms of moissanite from the compound silicon carbide and it was like a welcome bonus. Crystals made from the compound are referred to as moissanite diamonds and have many of the properties desirable in good quality diamond jewellery. However, as a man-made product, moissanite diamonds can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds.

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As a man made product, moissanite diamonds should be referred to as a “jewel” rather than a gemstone, thus avoiding confusion amongst jewellery buyers. This does not however, imply any inferiority of the product or the processes used in its manufacture.

The Properties of Moissanite Diamonds

From a jewellery buyer’s perspective, moissanite diamonds have many of the same properties as naturally occurring diamonds. Moissanite diamonds are available in a range of colours, cuts and forms, from a brilliant cut for inclusion in a moissanite diamond ring, to a pear cut to be made into a pendant. As such, moissanite diamonds may be considered a true alternative to diamonds, where such an alternative is to be sought.

In addition, not only are moissanite diamonds cheaper than naturally occurring diamonds. As a high-tech manufactured product, there is also the consideration that there are not ethical concerns, such as is the case with some naturally mined diamonds.

From a technical perspective moissanite diamonds have the following properties in comparison to natural diamonds:

Refractive Index

Moissanite 2.65-2.69

Diamonds 2.42


Moissanite 0.104

Diamonds 0.044

Luster Index

Moissanite 20.4%

Diamonds 17.2%

Hohs Hardness

Moissanite 9.25

Diamonds 10

As such, even from the technical perspective one can see that moissanite diamonds represent a product which is comparable to naturally occurring diamond jewellery, making moissanite diamonds an attractive option.

Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

Diamond may be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of affordable engagement rings, but there are other options. For some, the budget is too restricting to splurge on a nice diamond, leaving them with the option to settle for a diamond they don’t like or search for something better. The alternatives may surprisingly be better than the buyer may have assumed. The diamond alternatives cost less and shines equally like diamond to a great extent.

Diamond Simulants

Usually the couple searching for an alternative to a diamond engagement ring tries to find a diamond simulant. Such simulants are clear, colorless stones which may be natural or synthetic. Some common options are CZ Synthetic Cubic Zirconium and Synthetic Moissanite. This may fool some people but knowing that the bride is wearing a simulant is not romantic at all.

Alternatives to Diamond Simulants

A much better option, which the groom-to-be may choose is to surprise his bride with a natural colored stone. Color generates tons of emotion because it is usually associated with something. For example, a red stone will likely be associated with love and romance, just like red roses. Blue Sapphire is considered to be the stone of kings. It stands for loyalty. Green may match the color of her eyes. There are many reasons to choose one color over the other, and the right choice shows that the groom has put some thought into it.

As it turns out, statistically, according to the January 1, 2008 JCK Online article titled “Bridal by the Numbers” by Jennifer Heebner, engagement rings with Sapphires of all colors, Rubies and Emeralds do sell more often then those with diamond simulants.

Choosing a Gemstone – Consider Price and Stone Type

A decent diamond of about one carat will cost over $4000 these days. Considering that the price of a Blue Sapphire of better quality is one fourth the price, there is no need to settle for a CZ. The Latest gemstone prices can be found on the April 1, 2010 “Gem Pricing Report” on JCK Online.

Buying a color stone is not as organized as buying a diamond. The categories of clarity are different for different gems. They are divided based on the type of stone. There are three types, which means that some stones are usually more included than others. For general purposes, Sapphires and Rubies should be eye clean whereas Emeralds will likely be included. Tourmalines come in all colors and are a nice cheaper alternative. For blue stones many choose Tanzanite and Iolite, for red Spinel is an option. These could be the potential choice.

The cut is important for the color stones because it affects the stones appearance. A stone cut too deep will weigh more and will be smaller looking from top than a similar weighing stone which is properly cut. The color affects the price dramatically! A tiny amount of purple in a Ruby reduces its price. A stone should have medium tone and rich color.

A nice color stone may not impress the guests at the wedding as much as a three carat CZ but it is more romantic and memorable for the bride and groom.

Before wrapping up, it is again important to mention that the alternatives diamond cost far less than the original diamond and shines nearly like diamond. It truly serve the purpose of engagement or gifting to a betterhalf.

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