Mood Food: 5 Foods That’ll Boost Your Spirits

You know those foods that you can just think about and they make you feel good? Well, it’s not all in your imagination!

There is a lot of research that proves that some foods have the ability to affect our emotions. What you eat is full of either nutritious yummies or sludge-building chemicals.

Put simply, that heavy, calorie, and carb-laden piece of cake might taste good in the moment. But pretty soon, you’re going to feel sluggish and miserable.

When you fill your body with good fuel, it responds by putting you in a better mood. If you need a spirit lifter, add these five mood foods to your plate.

1. Fatty Fish

It may not be number one on your list of favorite foods, but certain fish have omega-3 fatty acids in them. This nutrient goes hand-in-hand with fighting depression.

Your body can make a lot of its own nutrients, but omega-3 is not one of them. You have to get this ingredient from your diet.

When you’re ready for a mood boost, these fish are a great catch for your next meal.

2. Honey

Gooey, sticky honey is an excellent addition to any meal. Use it as a condiment in place of unhealthy butter. Let it sweeten your vegetables and slather it on your pancakes.

Raw honey has a variety of plant chemicals that work in our bodies as antioxidants. These protect our cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

This food also helps sore throats, improves digestion, and speeds up the healing of some wounds. Add an extra mood boost to your sweet and sticky honey by using Veriheal’s CBD homemade honey recipe.

3. Dark Chocolate

Who can possibly be in a bad mood when chocolate is put in front of them?

Dark chocolate takes this theory and makes it science-based. The mood-boosting compounds, like flavonoids, in this food provide fuel to your brain.

Flavonoids have been proven effective at increasing the blood flow to your brain and decreasing inflammation. Your brain’s health can improve by eating a couple of squares of dark chocolate each day.

Even better, dark chocolate has a high hedonic rating. Foods that rate high on this scale are considered to have a taste and smell that is pleasing to the consumer, putting them in a good mood!

4. Bananas

Have you ever seen an unhappy monkey eating a banana?

We can take a page from their book and add bananas to our daily diet. These fruits are high in Vitamin B6, the ingredient that boosts the synthesis of our feel-good neurotransmitters.

Dopamine and serotonin are chemicals released from the brain that tell us to be happy. Sure, you can exercise to get this effect, but eating a banana does the job, too!

Low blood sugar is a factor that often results in irritability and erratic moods. Bananas have the ultimate combination of fiber and sugar that stabilize blood sugar levels. If your mood drops for no reason, eating a banana could help.

If you suddenly realize that you don’t have a few key items that you need for the evening’s dinner, you don’t have to waste time running to the sf grocery store and fight traffic in the process

5. Coffee

There’s a reason so many people refuse to function without their morning cup of joe. Coffee really does make you happier.

Full of caffeine, coffee is the perfect block to fatigue. This is because caffeine inhibits the attachment of adenosine to your brain receptors.

Adenosine is a chemical compound that promotes tiredness. It occurs naturally in your body. By blocking it from reaching your brain’s receptors, you get and stay more alert.

However, this chemical-blocking effect is reduced when you combine your coffee with sweeteners. With so many delicious options available to us in stores and at our favorite coffee shops, it’s easy to overload on sugar.

The sugar crash is inevitable. This happens when you eat or drink more sugar than you’re used to. Your body then produces insulin to break it down, causing your blood glucose levels to fall and resulting in fatigue.

The most common response to this crash is to drink more coffee, perpetuating an endless cycle. Instead of engaging in this never-ending battle to stay awake, drink your coffee without added sweeteners.

The mood boost you get from blocking those sleep-inducing chemicals is going to feel better than any sugar-filled drink!


What you eat plays a major role in how you feel. When you fill your body with junk, eventually, it will catch up to you.

If you sense yourself dragging and you’re in need of a mood boost, walk away from the ice cream! Grab one or all of these five healthy, spirit-boosting alternatives instead. If you are struggling with unhealthy eating, a nutrition coach from Rise Lean can help.

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