Netflix | Net flix | Why do people stay in front of the Netflix menu for 30 minutes and end up turning off the TV to sleep?

If I say that the most fun thing to watch Netflix movies is ​​to watch the Netflix menu, will Netflix owners be happy?

Let’s go back to 4-5 years ago when streaming services just arrived. They, the viewers, can only ask many questions: If you have to pay monthly to watch movies only. Are you worth it? Will the Netflix movies be enough? Can I watch so much in one month that it’s 0.60 cents per story? If not, don’t sign up.

This kind of primary demand from customers prompted streaming services to improve.

They tried to get as many movies from every label into their system as possible, including producing their pieces to reinforce the army. The competition between each streaming system is in addition to the quality of the movies on the channel. The number of Netflix movies seems to have little effect. You have to see what’s in the restaurant to eat. If any store has many People will go to that store. because the price per head is the same

Over time, multiple streaming systems Have reached the point where there are hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from. However, there may not be all the stories in the world, the 2,000 things that you have. Have you guys watched all of them? Plus, in the 2,000 titles, there are. It can be further divided into sub-categories—people who focus on watching only quality drama Netflix movies. There are about 200 quality drama movie segments to choose from (do you watch them all in one month), or if they focus on comedy only, they have 400 more (can you watch it in a month) with such a vast number? And there are continuous weekly updates. Make moviegoers agree and be willing to subscribe to these services willingly. Allegedly paying $9 per month for an application, it’s worth it to watch three stories (starting down). It’s a mission that’s not difficult to do.

But actually, it’s hard, much harder than I thought.

Soaring to press the menu to the 980, you find that they haven’t gone anywhere. It’s been an hour, Still at the menu. So tired. Sleepy. Better sleep.

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