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New Picdeer Memes

If you’re on Facebook, you probably love this set of New Picdeer Memes. They’re incredibly cute and fun to share! The images in these sets are Hqlinks sure to make anyone’s day! These are the best Memes of 2016! Check out some of my favorites below! You can find many more in my Pinterest board! Just remember to check back regularly for new additions!

Memes for Easter

Memes for Easter are the perfect picdeer is instagram addition to your basket of goodies this year. There are a number of cute and funny cartoons and other images to enjoy. From a giant bunny to an Easter egg hunt, you’ll find a meme for every occasion! From pick-up lines to cute pets, these Easter memes are sure to make your basket a memorable one!

Memes for Easter are a great way to spread laughter. They kodakgallery range from religious to funny and festive, and many are relatable to a wide range of audiences. They can also be sent before the Easter holiday so that everyone is in the holiday spirit. Drake and Josh fans are probably giggling about this one. You can also send an Easter meme before the holiday to get your friends in the holiday spirit.

Memes for Drake

If you’re a fan of Drake, you’ve probably Telesup seen at least one meme. This rapper’s cover art for his third album sported a side profile against a sky background, and the internet quickly took it as an opportunity to poke fun. A popular meme from that album involves Drake’s character Jimmy Brooks, who ends up in a wheelchair after getting shot. This image has become a frequent part of meme culture, and some of the funniest are from his wheelchair.

Memes for Drake have a themobileme long history. The CN Tower meme, for example, depicted Drake as a miniscule – a reference to the CN Tower in Toronto. After Drake’s appearance on the album cover, other memes focused on his recent performance at a Backstreet Boys concert. While some memes have dated references to his CN Tower photo, most reference his album title. Memes for Drake may have been created to promote the album.


A popular meme centered on the rapper interclub is the ‘Don’t Like/Like’ emoji, taken from his 2015 single “Hotline Bling”. This emoji is used to suggest approval or disapproval of something, depending on who created it. The meme grew in popularity on the 4chan subreddit and then spread to Reddit and Tumblin. The meme has since become a staple in the Drakeverse.

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